About Carlisa

Pronunciation Guide: CAR+LISA=Carlisa. Not Clarissa, not Carlissa. Car-lisa. (But you can call me Carli if you so choose)

Now that that pesky business is through, let me introduce myself a bit. I am currently twenty-one years of age and studying at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I am studying my favorite thing: words. Aka, English and editing. I am from the corny state of Indiana, and before that, the cheesy state of Wisconsin. Haha, I’m cheesy and corny. I like that. (Also, Ohio. But I didn’t know how to fit that in my joke..)

I love to do all things creative: write, read (a lot), finger paint, play piano, sing in the shower, chase butterflies, long walks at sunset, dance around the kitchen, pin crafts that maybe I’ll actually do someday, dream, Just Dance, sled, make sandcastles, bake, obstacle courses in my bedroom (aka never clean my room), play with my puppy, sew (surprisingly, I have a gross story with that one), tickle fights, watch funny YouTube videos, play with kids, card/board games, creatively find ways to avoid doing homework/chores, write book reviews, try to make a list of creative things to do (…). Basically, I do it all. Just kidding. But being creative is what motivates me. I find inspiration in it and I find happiness in it.

I aspire to be an editor. Scratch that, I am an editor. I’m currently an editorial intern for a magazine in Utah. And it’s been so fun. Having seen the magazine side of publishing, I want to explore book editing and publishing. I’m hoping to do an editorial internship for a small indie publisher (I’m sure you’ll hear about it if I get it *fingers crossed*) this fall while I’m taking classes. Btw did I mention I graduate next April?

I started blogging years ago, back in middle school. Then, it was really just a random and sporadic journal that probably only my mom read. But in January of 2015, I kept noticing the same girl’s reviews on the books I was reading on Goodreads. So I clicked on her GR profile and was lead to her blog. This was the first book blog I’ve ever seen, the first time I realize that book blogs were even a thing that existed. I immediately wanted in.

In February of 2015, I decided to focus my blog on books, and it’s been so wonderful. I can still randomly and sporadically write about my life if I so please, but books are the heart and soul of Confessions of Carlisa. I’ve grown to love and appreciate this bookish online community—for reasons you can see here and here. It’s too much to sum up in this About Me page.

So, tweet me. Heart my Instagrams. Creep on my Pinterest. See my books. Just talk to me. I want to hear what you have to say.

And if you need to get in contact with me, email me: confessionsofcarlisa@gmail.com

But mostly…enjoy my confessions.

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  • Jhony Carrasquel

    Hello Sister Carlisa, greets a LDS member from Venezuela, I know that within the church we are taught to be self-sufficient but the truth that for the whole world is not a secret that in my country we are having very difficult times… have my father sick and at the moment I am unemployed I need help more than everything to be able to coestear the treatment of my father, no matter how much you can and are willing to send me is what your heart and conscience indicates…I read your article in the Liahona of February 2017 about 5 promises of the prayer … please if you can answer me by email: jhonyaveh28c@hotmail.com