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It’s been a long time, my friends. I’m so sorry to leave you all hanging like I have. It’s been busy, so let me quickly catch you up:

I finished college. Yes, you heard that right. I finished my final semester of college after four long years. I walked down that stage, shook hands with a professor I had once but can’t remember his name, and took my empty degree holder. And got the actual degree a few weeks later in the mail. Exciting, right? My last year was kind of crazy and chaotic, but I did it!

Also I have a big announcement, and that’s really why I’m here: I’m starting a freelance editing service. I’ve already completed a few freelance projects, but now I’m official: Novel Approach Edits. (Catch the wordplay? Because that’s my favorite part.) I’m super excited to get going with this. Books are my passion. Heck, words are my passion. And I am so grateful to have found a field where I love what I do every day.

Here’s the header and logo that I designed (although the color seems to be showing up funny here):

If you want to learn more about my services or my background, check out the link above! You can read my About Me page, my Services page, and even my blog page. There I hope to be posting writing, editing, and querying tips from my experience with publishers and as an editor. You can read my first blog post here where I give five tips to help get your query out of the slush pile.

I’m excited for this endeavor! If you have any questions, comment here or feel free to shoot me an email at

  • Congratulations on graduating college Carlisa! Good luck with your new freelance work- and yes, I caught the wordplay and loved it!

  • Congrats on graduating, and best of luck with the freelance service! I hope it’s a lot of fun, too. 🙂