On My Nightstand: September 2016

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Hello, hello, hello. It’s September…….I was trying to think of a good September pun, but I couldn’t think of one. Bugger. Anyways! I’m back in school, which means more books to add to my “For Class” section. I do consider myself a pretty classy person, so it works. Eh? Eh? No? Oh, okay. #awkward

Let’s just talk about books, okay? I can do without being weird. (Lol, right *sarcastic side-eye to myself*)

tbr for review

ALL OF MY REVIEW BOOKS ARE SO OLD. I’ve been very good about not requesting new ones because I hardcore need to catch up on my older ones. The Starlit Wood is actually one that I’m on time for (as of now). It’ll be published in October, so I’m hoping to read it in September! And I love fairy tales, so it’s great. I’m not going to include any of my eARCs here because it’s embarrassing how late some of them are. BUT I’ll get to it sometime.

the starlit wood

tbr for class

My senior English capstone is about Frankenstein and its adaptations (cool, huh?), so of course I have to read Frankenstein right away! I’m reading that one this weekend, and then I’ll be reading this second book (the Frankenstein-y book without a title on the cover) throughout the month/semester. It’s called Frankenstein: A Cultural History, and it’s probably going to be pretty interesting. There are a ton of facets about Frankenstein that intrigue me, so I’m excited to dive in! I’m also in a British modernist short story class, so I’ll be reading a lot of short stories for that but no full books to include here.

frankenstein frankenstein a cultural history

tbr for kicks

I actually finished The Little Prince last night…but I think I’m going to read it again. It was beautiful. And so thought provoking. And I want to read it again before I watch the Netflix movie. I’m currently in Salt to the Sea, and I’m hoping to get further this weekend! Do I even need to say anything about these last two? So excited. So ready. Also not ready for Blood for Blood…but, you know, it’s a love-hate relationship with series enders like this.

the little prince salt to the sea fantastic beasts and where to find them blood for blood

Have you read any of the books on my TBR for September? What did you think? What are you planning on reading this month? Let me know in the comments!

  • WHAAAT?? I had no idea Blood for Blood was out! Definitely gonna have to pick that one up as well!! 🙂

  • I just finished reading Frankenstein and I really loved it! It is relatively short for a classic, but it gave me so many things to think about. The characters are not really anything like pop culture portrays them to be. It is now one of my favorite classics that I actually got a lot out of. I would love to hear your thoughts on it after you read it.

  • Excited to hear what you think about Blood for Blood! I’ve been seeing it around and it looks good!

    Ali @ thebandarblog.com