Looking Back: June 2016

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looking back june 2016

Whaaaaaat, it’s July 1st?! We’re officially in the second half of the year, my friends. And that is crazy. Ten months from now I’ll be a college freaking graduate. And that is both exciting and scares the bajeebers out of me.

Anyway, let’s talk about June, shall we? I didn’t do a recap in May (sorry!) because I felt like not much exciting stuff happened then…but yeah. That’s okay. So June. It’s my favorite month. It’s usually just around the perfect weather. It’s my birthday (*cough*). There’s not school. It’s just an all-around pretty good month. So let’s talk about it.

What I…

  • Celebrated!: My birthday! I’m 21! Wooooohoo. An official adult. Other than that, not much changes for me because I don’t drink. But whatevs. I got a horizontal drivers license, and that’s pretty cool too, am I right? *crickets*
  • Have Been Doing Endlessly Forever: My internship. Since I didn’t do a May recap, I guess I haven’t really talked about it. I started an editorial internship for a magazine in Salt Lake City at the beginning of May. And it’s been really fun and a really good learning experience. But it’s also taking up my entire life. Mostly because I have to commute an hour and a half each way.
  • Was Happy About: I got to go home for a weekend for my little sister’s high school graduation. It was really good to see family and hang out with my cute-cute-cute niece and nephew.
  • Decided: So last year, I read 110 books. And I was amazed by myself. So this year, I was like, “Let’s do that again!” And I made 110 my Goodreads goal. And I was falling majorly behind. Every time I logged into GR, it told me I was behind like 11 books, and my heart was sad. So I lowered it to 100. And I was still super behind. And then I was like, “Screw it.” And now I’m sitting at 75, with the nice little “You’re three books ahead!” message cheering me on. And it’s freeing, let me tell you.

What I Read in June…

the night circus anne of avonlea the star-touched queen the storyspinner

Pages Read in June: 1450
Pages Read this Year: 11,879

Books Read in June: 4
Books Read this Year: 39

What I Wrote…

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How was June for you? Any fun things you did or great books you read? Let me know in the comments!

  • Sounds like you had a great month! Congrats on nearing your college graduation. Bet you’re glad to have that so near. Also, happy (belated) birthday! 🙂

    • I’m both happy about my upcoming graduation…and totally terrified. It’s scary, haha. And thank you!

  • Looks like a great month! My goodreads goal is only at 50, and I’m falling behind by like 7 books. I can’t tell if it’s a motivator or a stressor haha! So I definitely understand lowering your goal.

    The Night Circus is a book that I’ve wanted to read for AGES. And Star-Touched Queen looks wonderful as well. Love those covers! Hope you have a great month!

    Here’s my monthly recap.

    • It was definitely a stressor for me, so I’m glad that I lowered it. And you should definitely read the Night Circus. It’s one of my all-time favorites!

  • Wow, seems like a great month! How did you feel about The Night Circus? I absolutely loved it when I listened to it earlier this year. I want to get a hard copy and do a reread!

    • I think we talked about this on Twitter when I started listening to the audio (because it took me literally forever). But the NC is one of my all-time favorite books. It’s SO good.

      • That’s right! I’d forgotten. The Night Circus doesn’t get enough love so I’m always trying to talk it up haha

  • WOAH! 75 books is a lot 🙂 that’s so good! My sister and I made out goal 200 books and we only read 43 so far XD but to be fair, we took a few months off of blogging to focus on school :). BUT YESSSS! Good job, I hope you meet your goal :)!
    How was The Star Touched Queen and Storyspinner? I really wanted to read those two 🙂

    • School is always important, so it’s good that you did that. I really liked Storyspinner, but the Star-Touched Queen was definitely not for me *Eep*