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real neat blog awardThe wonderful Ali from The Bandar (B)log nominated me for this award a few days ago, and I couldn’t say no because her question answers are hilarious and her questions to me are just as good! (PS if you haven’t checked out Ali’s blog yet, what are you even still doing here? She’s new to the block, but she’s awesome and produces great content.)

Anyways, here are the rules for the tag:

The rules:
1. Acknowledge 
the blogger who nominated you. (DONE!)
2. Answer the seven questions.
3. Frame seven questions for your nominees.
4. Nominate seven deserving bloggers for the award.

  1. Would you rather be a princess or a pirate? Why?!
    Um, princess. I’m all about female empowerment and I’m all about great, kick-butt girls who can take charge and…pirate things. But I personally ain’t about that life. I think I’d be Belle in another life. Minus getting kidnapped and falling in love with said kidnapper who’s also a scary monster beast man.
  2. Let’s continue with the royalty bit for a second: Where would you put your castle if you had one? Mountains, desert, coast, space, etc?! The sky’s the limit for answers on this one!
    Erm, I live in Utah and the mountains are one of my favorite things here, so mountains hands down. THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL. And majestic. Just like any royal person should be. So the setting needs to match.
  3. What is a decorative feature of your castle? A lava moat? Peacocks in abundance? Singing mermaids? I WANT A FANTASTICAL IMAGE EVOKED.
    *Strokes imaginary goatee pondering your question* Gosh, Ali, you took everything I was already going to say. Except I was going to say mermaid peacocks (wrap your brain around that) who swim in my lava moat. Guess I have to come up with something else……………..I’M BAD AT THIS. I’m going back to my mermaid peacock idea.
  4. Okay, so based on where you put your castle in question 2, who (or what) is your sidekick?
    Based on mountains…What immediately comes to my head is a little sidekick mountain goat. Hahahaha. Yep, there’s no going back after deciding on a little sidekick mountain goat. I shall call him Billy. Also, he’s magic.
  5. You’re the hero of the story (this can be an entirely new story or the same one as the previous three questions). Who is the villain you defeated and how did you defeat it?
    Well, goats defeat evil Troll Bridges, so that’s my bad guy. Except he’s magic, too. And pretends to be a handsome prince by day to woo princesses (aka me) under his bridge. But, no fear, my little sidekick mountain goat Billy is here! (Sidenote: I’m so weird.)
  6. Referencing the same story as #5. Are you involved in the loveliest of romances or are you fighting the most epic of battles?
    Well, you see…I thought I was falling in love. A handsome prince just showed up on my front door after narrowly avoiding the lava-swimming peacock mermaids. How could I not take him in? He was just so handsome…but turns out he was actually super ugly and, you know, a troll. Thank goodness for little Billy.
    Anyway, my prince is still out there somewhere. I just haven’t met him yet!
  7. OH NO THERE IS A TEENY-TINY ASTEROID ZOOMING TOWARDS EARTH AND IT IS HEADED STRAIGHT FOR YOUR HOUSE. Luckily all your valuables/loved ones/pets are safe in the front yard. YOUR BOOKS ARE NOT. Hurry and grab the ones that mean the most to you!! What did you grab?
    Oh, so, we’re out of my fairy tale land now? Okay, okay. Books. Um, the Book Thief! Harry Potter! Pride and Prejudice!
    Sidebar: Good thing I decided to do a yard sale and sell everything I own (except my books) including my valuables/loved ones/pets! None of them died in the asteroid explosion because of it!

Now because I have to wake up in 7 hours, I’m just going to do the lazy thing and have you answer the questions that Ali asked. Also, they’re so fun, so have fun with your answers! 

Hahaha, that was so fun. Now for the nominations! *Drum roll please!* I nominate:

Gabi from Let’s Gab About Books
Chelsea from Books for Thought
Liv from Liv the Book Nerd
Angelique from the Gilded Pages
Tessa from Crazy for YA
And you! If you want to!

I know that’s only five and not seven official nominations…but this is my blog, gosh dang it, and I’ll do what I want. And if you have a problem, you can just bring it up with my sidekick Billy.

  • Ali (@ thebandarblog)

    YAY! This was wonderful! I loved, loved, loved your answers! I can’t wait to see what other people say. They’re just so much fun to read! Thanks for doing it (and also for being super sweet up there in the beginning… making me blush, geeze)! 😀

  • Thank you so much for nominating me! These are some pretty amazing questions that I think I can use to make a great story. Even though I do not think that I can top your answers (I mean, who would not want a mountain goat as their sidekick?), I will post my answers as soon as I can.