Make Me Read It Readathon

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make me read it

Hey y’all. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in a bit of a reading/blogging/everything slump. I’m working from 8–5 with an hour and a half of commute each way…and I’ve been dying a little inside. BUT I’m hoping to fix that and maybe this readalong will help me make it through my TBR!

You may be asking, “What’s the Make Me Read It Readathon, Carlisa?” Well, I’m glad you asked, kind person. It’s a readathon hosted by Val at the Innocent Smiley (click on the link for the sign-up post) where our audience picks what we reads. The title kind of explains itself, actually. Here’s the full description from Val:

Look at the books you own, either physical, e-book or ones you’ve borrowed from the library and pick out a few you really want to read, or feel like you should read. It’s up to you how many you pick, personally I’d pick a few more than you expect to be able to read in a week. Example: if you think you’ll only read two, pick out five books or if you think you can read seven, pick out ten.
Make a list of these books on your blog, or make a video, or a Goodreads shelf or post a picture on Instagram—whatever is easiest for you. Then get friends, other bloggers/booktubers etc. to vote on which books you HAVE to read.
When the readathon comes along, you read the books in the order of most votes. For example, if one book gets 10 votes—you read that first, then the one that got 7 and so on. If there’s a tie, then it’s your preference. The goal is to read as many as possible.
Oh, and it’s from July 9 to July 16. So pick your my poison and choose which books I read in which order!


Pick Your Poison

The Demon King
The Hired Girl
Ash & Bramble
The Darkest Minds
The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Out of the Easy
The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly



Are you participating in the readathon? Link me to your sign-up posts so I can vote! And tell me which books you voted for and why in the comments!

  • Ali (@ thebandarblog)

    I’m choosing Uprooted, because it’s been one I’ve considered and I want to hear your thoughts on it first. You can be my test dummy (;

    • I had a feeling as soon as I typed that into the poll that Uprooted would win. People LOVE it, and I’ve owned it for moooonths, but I’ve never gotten around to it. And I’ll gladly be your test dummy haha.

  • Shaunesay

    I had to go with Uprooted because it’s winning in my poll, and then Ash & Bramble and the Demon King because I liked the titles. 🙂

    • We can read Uprooted together! I had a feeling it’d win because everyone who reads t seems to love it. Thanks for voting!

  • The Darkest Minds and The Rest of Us Just Live Here. I find that latter to be vastly underrated and it’s a funny spin on the classic YA fantasy novel. I hadn’t heard of Uprooted before but now I’m wondering about it

    • I’ve wanted to read both for awhile! So hopefully this giveaway will give me some initiative to do so. And I’ve heard so many good things about Uprooted! I’ve owned it for awhile, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet

  • I really, really enjoyed Uprooted! (so much so that I’m thinking of buying it – I read a library copy!) I’ve also been meaning to read The Rest of Us Just Live Here so I’d really like to see your opinion on that 🙂

    • Also also YAY you’re taking part! It’s going to be so much fun!

      • Yes, I’m so excited! Thanks for voting!

  • I love Patrick Ness, and Ruta Sepetys so I had to go with their books! Thanks for joining 🙂

    • I’m excited to get into them! I’ve read Between Shades of Gray, but other than that I’m a Ness and Sepetys newbie.

  • Considering I’ve only read The Darkest Minds (and loved it though!) it had to have my vote. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on whatever comes out on top 😀
    Enchanted by YA

  • The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly is. So. Good. But it doesn’t seem to get the amount of attention it deserves. I voted for Uprooted as well!

    • I’ve heard that! That’s why I went and bought it last summer, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it.

  • Kelsey

    I haven’t read anything on your list but I voted for a few that look interesting or sounded familiar!

  • I haven’t read any, but I voted on ones that I want to read as well! I hope you’re able to get out of this slump you’re in!

    I’ll be joining this readathon, too! 🙂


    • Yay, for more people reading books they’ve been meaning to forever! Thanks for voting, Stephanie

  • I’ve been meaning to read Uprooted, so I had to vote for that one 🙂 Have fun!

    • That one’s definitely going to win, I think!

  • I have Uprooted on my poll too. I think it’s in second place, so I’ll probably (hopefully) end up reading it during the readathon. I know I already said this on Twitter, but Out of the Easy is sooo good. I read it only because Ruta Sepetys wrote it and I was expecting it to be my least favorite of her books as I love WWII historical fiction, but I absolutely loved it and it became one of my favorite books.

    Here’s my poll for the readathon, feel free to vote in it (but don’t feel like you have to!):

    • I’ve heard from other people that Out of the Easy is their favorite Sepetys book too! That’s why I picked i tup from the bookstore on an impulse. Hopefully this readathon will help me get to it.

      And heading your way now to vote 🙂

  • Jocelyn

    I voted for Uprooted! It is AMAZING!!!
    Could you help me decide which books to read? I’m also taking part!

    • I’ve heard so many great things about it! And yes, heading your way now 🙂

  • I voted for Uprooted, since it is the only one I’ve read and (aside from some mild explicit bits) I enjoyed it.

    My Most Recent Discussion: Make New Friends, but Keep the Old: ReReading

    • So many people love that one, so I hope I will too!

  • I haven’t read Uprooted yet, but I have heard such great things about it! Also anything by Ruta Sepetys should be amazing!

    Thank you so much for joining! Can’t wait to see what books are picked!

    • I know! I’m hoping to dive more in Sepetys! I’ve only read Between Shades of Gray and I loved it!

  • The Demon King! No, The Rest of Us! No… I voted for both! Happy Reading!

    • Haha, I’m glad you voted for both! Those are the winners right now, I think!

  • Vanessa

    Uprooted was such a great read and Ash and Bramble sounds interesting so I voted for both! Good luck!

    I’m also participating –

    • I definitely think Uprooted is going to win, haha. Thanks for voting! I’ll head over to yours now!

  • Yay, i voted. These books look great. Havent read any myself though. 🙂

    Here’s my list for voting: My Reading Prospects

    • Thanks for voting! Headed your way now!

  • I voted on The Demon King, Uprooted, and…something else I can’t remember, haha! I haven’t read TDK, and I’ve only partially read Uprooted, but I hope you enjoy whichever you read!
    Also, here’s my list: Make Me Read