Looking Back: April 2016

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looking back april 2016

The end of a new month. I didn’t do one of these monthly recaps after March, so I’m going to include those posts here! I’m soooo excited for April to be done (end of school!) and for May to start (new internship!). Soooo let’s talk.

What I…

  • Stressed Over: Finals, obviously. BUT I’m done. And now I only have two semesters left of college…When did I get old? When did I become a real adult? Baaaaah.
  • Had Glued: My finger…I was cutting an avocado, and my knife slipped, and I sliced the little part between my index and pointer finger on my left hand. I had to run to the emergency room, but it was all good. The doctor glued it up (yes, glued), gave me a tetanus shot, and sent me on my way. (That’s what I get for trying to be healthy and eat avocados.)
    Sidenote: This was the same finger that I once sewed through. Yes, like sewed on a sewing machine. No joke, I have a picture.
  • Prepared For: My new internship! Which starts tomorrow!!!! Bah I’m nervous. And excited. Nervously excited. Is that the definition of anxious? I don’t know. But I’m ready. This will be my first full-time, real-adult-type job, which kind of freaks me out. And I’ll have super long days…I have to be on the 6:20AM train every morning and won’t get back until 6:45PM *cries*. But it’ll be good. And the train has wifi…so blogging + Netflix time. And perhaps napping.

What I Read in March and April

the subversive copyeditor lady audley's secret the madwoman upstairs between shades of graystrange-ride the island of dr. moreau open road summer treasure islandthe infinite sea carmilla three men in a boat girl with all the gifts calamity kindred spirits arthur gordon pym

Pages Read (March): 2364
Pages Read (April): 1249
Pages Read this Year: 7993

Books Read (March): 10
Books Read (April): 5
Books Read this Year: 27/110

Posts I Wrote (In March and April)

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How was April for you? Anything exciting happen? Read any phenomenal books that you have to recommend me? Do you have any fun things planned for your May? Let me know!

  • Maraia

    Yikes, you need to take better care of that finger!

    Good luck with your internship! I hope it’s a great experience. I’m looking forward to updates once you get settled.

  • Good luck with your internship! That’s so cool that you only have two semesters left of college; I’m only going to be a freshmen in college next year, haha. I bet it flies by pretty fast though.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  • Gabi Dahlin

    YAY, so excited for you and your internship! I hope the long days will be worth it 🙂

    I have read literally none of the books that you read in march and april, haha. But I did read the first few pages of Kindred Spirits last night!

  • ….Carlisa, that finger of yours is extremely unlucky! 😛
    And ahhh only two more semesters?? Girl, you are so close!! 😀
    AND A NEW INTERNSHIP! 😀 How is that going? I hope you’re enjoying it!!!