Let’s Talk Movies: Ten Reasons You Should Go See the Jungle Book

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I DID IT. I just went and saw The Jungle Book, and I super loved it. It was fun; it was action-packed; it was everything it could’ve been. But we’ll get to that later. I honestly probably haven’t seen the cartoon version since I was five or six, so I couldn’t tell you much about the plot going in. But I was still very excited…because if you know anything about me, you’d know that I’m all about these Disney remakes. I get to relive my childhood in amazing CGI, and what more could you ask for, really?

Anyway, here are ten reasons why I think you (yes, you) should go see The Jungle Book: 

You’ll find yourself saying “same”

By this, I mean, you’re going to find yourself relating to a big bear that lives in the jungle. While I’m thinking of a specific moment for myself, I’m sure you’re going to find relatable elements throughout the movie also—to a certain extent, at least. This is the moment for me:

Photo credit to mymovierack.com

The movie redefines “family”

Your family isn’t necessarily the group of people you were born into. It’s the people you grow up with, the people you love, the people you’d do or risk anything for. And we find these bonds in these animals, and it’s a beautiful thing.

It blurs the line between real and animated

The animation or CGI or both or whatever is amazing. I found myself forgetting that I wasn’t looking at real animals because it was just so well done. Obviously, most real-life animals aren’t going around talking, but besides that, it was spot on. The fight scenes could’ve come straight from Animal Planet, I’m telling ya. JUST LOOK AT HIM:

Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Only you can prevent a wildfire.”

I’m just going to leave that one there with no additional commentary.

It’s a Disney remake…without princesses.

Like I said, I’m all about the Disney remakes including and especially the princess ones. Because those are the ones I grew up loving, rewatching over and over again as a little girl. I know those storylines and songs and characters by heart. But because of that, I also like these remakes that aren’t as well-known…at least to me. I didn’t really remember this plotline, so I was experiencing the story basically as a first-time viewer. And that’s cool.

And there’s no romance, which I know people sometimes appreciate. No Prince Charming to whisk you away. Just Mowgli and his animal friends (I use the word “friends” lightly in some situations).

The stellar all-star cast

The cast was awesome. Practically everyone is a shining star, which gives us—as the audience—a sense of familiarity and, you know, greatness. Bill Murray was the perfect Baloo…Everyone was just perfect for their roles. They really did a phenomenal job with casting.

Because friends are wonderful

Friends are the best, and the friendships in this film are wonderful. I just want to be friends forever with Mowgli and Baloo and little Gray. Oh my goodness, I love them so.

It keeps those original elements that we all know and love

Like any good remake, there are new elements to the story and characters, of course. But this movie stays very true to the original and throws it back in nice, nostalgic ways. Like the songs. “Bare Necessities” is in there and so is the monkey’s “I Wanna Be Like You”…because it wouldn’t be The Jungle Book without them, am I right?

The scenery (whether it’s real or not) is super beautiful

Like I said before, the CGI and animation is just amazing. And the scenery and setting is no exception. I honestly don’t know what was real and what wasn’t…but it was all beautiful. Just take a gander at this scene:junglebook3


It’s action-packed—man, oh man

This movie kept my heart racing, which is definitely a good thing for a Disney remake. Adds some flair and excitement. There are fight scenes (which seem so real, like I’ve mentioned) all over the place, and Mowgli is never once out of harm’s way. It’s just eventful and exciting and action-packed.

Anyway, those are my ten reasons why I think you should go watch The Jungle Book. But I want to hear from you if you see it! Or if you’ve already seen it. Let me know what you think, what your thoughts and emotions are. I WANT TO KNOW. Okay? Okay.

Also, I just want to watch the original movie and read the Rudyard Kipling novel now. 


  • Bare Necessities! Oh gosh that song gives me major nostalgia and is probably the most memorable thing about the Jungle Book animation for me. I totally want to see how they have remade it. Wonderful post!

    • That was one of my favorite scenes of this new movie…and one of the only ones I remember from the original! You should definitely go see it; I recommend it so so so much.

  • I know, right?! The CGI was INSANE! I know I just mentioned this on Twitter to you, but I can’t believe how good this was. AND FUNNY! So funny. I wasn’t expecting that. Also, I wish I could have a little baby wolf named Grey. *_*

    • Ahhhh so good. It blows my mind to know that it all happened in a room and NONE of it was real. I assumed that at least some of it was.

      And yes, to the funny. And endearing. I love little Mowgli and Baloo. They have such a cute friendship. Bill Murray was perfect for Baloo

  • Beyond Opinions

    Oh I can’t wait to wait this 🙂 It looks amazing.