Book Bingo! | 2016 Love-a-Thon

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Yaaaay, more Love-a-Thon fun! If you missed my earlier post, I answered some get-to-know-you questions here. And if you don’t know what Love-a-Thon is, it’s essentially an annual weekend-long event where we spread love throughout the bookish community, whether you’re a book blogger, booktuber, or bookstagrammer. You can read more here.

This next challenge is basically a bunch of challenges, wrapped up in nice little squares. It’s bingo! Here’s the bingo sheet, which I’ll be updating throughout the weekend as I accomplish the different things! Hoping to get through a lot (hello, study breaks!)

Loveathon bingo_thumb[5]

What I Did:

Visit Five New Blogs

For this, I went to the first welcome post (linked to above) where everyone participating in the Love-a-Thon is listed and I just clicked on five random blogs that I had never visited before. Here, I’ll list the five and something special about their blog.

  1. Quartzfeather
    Cassidy has a very fun and very pink blog. While she has a post wondering if the pink is too much, I like how unified everything is with it.
  2. The Girly Geek
    IΒ read one of Maddie’s most recent reviews and it’s so well-thought out and extensive, which I super love. Yay for books that give usΒ lotsΒ to say.
  3. The Overstuffed Bookcase
    IΒ loved Andrea’s questionnaire and we answered some of the questions in the same way!
  4. Corralling Books
    Geraldine seems like a super-sweet girl from Australia (ahhh, take me there!) who’s very enthusiastic about Cassandra Clare and plays the violin! For the record, I used to play the violin…until all my friends quit orchestra in sixth grade and I went with them (agh, peer pressure).
  5. Pretty Little Memoirs
    Becca has a fun blog design from her little corner in Wales. She has a new meme where she swaps books with her good book blogging buddy and then reviews it. I love that idea!

Participate in Other Challenges

Color Bookshelf Challenge

Let me know if you complete any of the challenges! What was your favorite one to do?


  • Yay for finding five new blogs today! I’m glad you really enjoyed visiting them, and I hope you find more to read and love πŸ˜‰

  • Quartzfeather is such a nice blog. Those other names are new to me, I must check them out πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for joining!


  • Haha, I can’t be any sweeter than you, Carlisa! πŸ™‚ And peer pressure can be so strong haha – I stayed with my orchestra for a year after my friends left, then left because there was no one to talk to :'( Do you still play your violin for fun though??