Looking Back: January 2016

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looking back jan2016

HELLO, HELLO, HELLO. Let’s just pause for a moment as I tell you something: you are my favorite. You are lovely, you are beautiful, you are kind, you are unique, you are worth it. Just wanted to let you know because I sincerely love every single person who has ever read my blog. *tear falls dramatically yet beautifully down my cheek*

I’m fairly sure that I didn’t do a Looking Back in December…and I know that some people will go back and do a two-for-one type thing if they miss a month, but I just can’t think that far back right now, you know? It’s Monday. School has been in session for almost a month now (*sob*) and so everything before that is just gone. Just like that *snaps fingers*

NO, I CANNOT LIE. I didn’t just snap my fingers because I have never been able to snap my fingers. Never. It just doesn’t work for me. Now you know my hidden shame.

Anyway…sorry I must be in a weird late-night-It’s-almost-Monday-mood. But let’s get to it!:

What I…

  • Was Super Sad About: I had to leave Indiana and come back to school. Yeah, like Utah’s great and I have wonderful friends here…but it was a bummer to leave. I had a really nice time with my family especially. Including my wonderful little nephew who is almost two and he’s turning into his own person and I just can’t take it. AND including my wonderful little new niece! Which leads us too…
  • Was Super Over-the-Moon, Yes-I-Cried Excited About: My new niece was born! I actually skipped a week of school because my semester was supposed to start on the 4th and she was due on the 6th…and if I had missed her by only two days, I would’ve been devastated. SO I made a decision, bought the plane tickets, and then missed the whole first week. But it was so worth it. She was born super early on the 4th and she’s just so lovely. It’s making me sad just thinking about these two little people because I love them so incredibly much and I’m missing out on their lives. Anyway, let’s talk about something else, perhaps a little less dramatic.
  • Started Once Again: A new semester. Again. Because school is never-ending. But it’s also going incredibly fast. I’ll most likely graduate next April (so in 2017) and that just blows my mind. What happened to that little girl giving her high school graduation speech? That little girl packing up her suitcases and moving to Utah? That little girl so excited to take her first real college classes? What happened to her?
    I mean, she’s still here I guess. Just older, wiser, more mature. *flips hair dramatically* But really, it’s this weird thing because I feel as if I’m a completely different person than that girl…but at the same time, I’m exactly the same.
  • Am Excited For in February: I’m applying for a bunch of kind-of big deal internships for this Summer or this Fall! I’m really excited. They’d be up in Salt Lake City, so I’d have a commute…but they’re like the real deal. Editing and writing. And I turn in my applications tonight actually and (if they like me), I’d have interviews starting Thursday! This Thursday. As in In-Three-Days-Thursday. Wish me luck!

That’s basically it! My life at school isn’t too exciting. So let’s just get to the books, shall we?

Books Read

jurassic park the start of me and you 8496185 pride and prejudice and zombies made you up a study in charlotte

Pages Read: 2056
Books Read: 6/110

Books I Reviewed

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord
The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork
The Truth by Jeffry Johnston

I ONLY REVIEWED THREE BOOKS THIS MONTH. I don’t even know how that happened. I didn’t even realize it until this very moment, but that’s definitely something that I’ll try to improve upon next month.

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So, yes, January is already over. It is now the second month of 2016. And though the second half of my month wasn’t all that exciting, it was still good. It was still good to be where I am, learning and growing. Enjoying life and my friends. Life is good, people. Enjoy it.

How was your month? Did you read any good books? Did you have anything exciting happen? Let me know in the comments!

  • I read The Start of Me and You a few months ago…I don’t really remember when, but I loved it! I’m glad you got to read it last month. I read Winger last month and loved it. I can’t wait to read the sequel for that one.

  • Maraia

    Aww, we love you too! I really enjoy visiting your blog, it’s just so pretty. I’m glad you decided to stay for the birth of your niece, because you definitely would have regretted missing it. 😀