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First of all, let me just congratulate anyone who understands the reference from the title of this post. If you do, I’m sending you all my love because that book was my favorite all throughout high school…and it’s perfect for this post.

Anyway, the lovely Sarah from Kerosene Lit tagged me in this book tag, and I was super excited to be involved. You can see her original post (and feel her shipping feels) here. To be honest, before I started book blogging, I didn’t know what a “ship” was (besides it being, you know, a large boat) and I didn’t know what an OTP was…but I quickly learned. And most likely, if you’re a reader (especially YA) and you’ve never heard of these words…you most likely still know them and live them in your heart.

So let’s start with some definitions:

  • OTP: One True Pairing, aka your favorite couple…whether it’s happened yet or you’re just wishing/hoping/praying that it will someday happen.
  • Shipping: This is basically the wishing/hoping/praying part of the process…when you just really want two people to finally get together.

And this is the OTP book tag, and now that you all understand, let’s get going:

An Unpopular OTP That You Ship

les mis

Marius + Éponine

Is this an unpopular ship? Maybe not in the movie, I don’t know. But I love, love, love Marius and Éponine together. They’re just perfect forever and I just want them to be happy together. But you know what? Their love was barricaded and they just weren’t meant to be because of it (Did you see what I did back there?). Forget Cosette (JK, I love Cosette also, not with Marius).

An OTP That You Didn’t Ship At First But Now You Do


Scarlet + Wolf

I KNOW, I KNOW. I was not on the Wolf train at first. He was way to ruggish for my personal tastes. But I quickly learned that Scarlet can hold her own and they have this deep (and kind of still weird) love that I cannot deny. By the end of the series, I hope for every happiness in their lives together.

Your Most Hated OTP

between us and the moon

Sarah + Andrew

UGH. I hated this book, so maybe it makes me biased about the pair in this novel. Their relationship was founded in lies and cheesiness. And not even the good kind of cheesiness. Like the roll-your-eyes cheesiness. Bah. If you want to hear my full rant, you should check out my review…so-aptly named “Between Us and the Moon? More Like Gag Me With A Spoon!”

An OTP That Took Waaaay Too Long To Get Together


Anne + Wentworth

Oh my gosh, their love kills me. It literally last years, but it’s so beautiful and worth it in the end. I just included this one on my To-Be-Re-Read list from yesterday and now I want to re-read it even more! *cries because schoolwork and my towering pile of review books*

Your Favorite Non-Canon OTP

pride and prejudice

Mary + Mr. Collins

Am I the only one who saw this? Forget Charlotte! I feel as if Mary Bennet and Mr. Collins would’ve actually enjoyed each other’s company, rather than it just being a marriage for the sake of being married. You feel me, bro?

Your Favorite BRO-TP (heh, clever)

the maze runner

Thomas + Chuck

This isn’t my favorite series in the world, but I loved the friendship between Thomas and Chuck. Chuck looked up to him as a role model and almost an older brother, and it was really endearing to see….No, YOU’RE crying thinking of Chuck.

An OTP You Adored in the Books But Not As Much in The Adaptation

harry potter

Harry + Ginny

loved Harry and Ginny in the books. Mostly I think that’s because I loved Ginny in the books. In the movie, though, not so much. She’s super cute when she’s younger, but she grows up to be awkward and just not like the Ginny we loved within the books’ pages. Despite that, I will never ship Hermione and Harry. Nope, nope, nope. Not happening. They’re best friends, people. Ron + Hermione FOREVER.

An OTP That No Matter How Hard You Try, You Just Can’t Ship It

the book thief

Liesel + Max

This one is kind of cheating…because this isn’t technically a canon pair. But many of my friends (especially after watching the movie) wanted Max and Liesel to end up together. I mean, the book and movie leave it pretty open to interpretation, but I just don’t like it. Nope, nope, nope, nope.

Your All-Time Favorite OTP

the night circus

Celia + Marco

Never it’s just because I’m re-reading this through audio right now, but I love these two. It’s a slow-burning romance if I ever saw one, but it’s a beautiful thing. But this book is so much more than that. I don’t think I would ever call it a “romance.” But Celia and Marco are just forever and always meant to be together.


[I used this gif in a post last week and I don’t even care because it’s PERFECT]

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How do you feel about my OTPs? Who are you OTPs? Let me know in the comments!

  • Agh, this is so cute, I love this tag! Shipping characters in books is one of my favourite things to do as a reader, and reading this post made me think of all my answers to this question. I may or may not steal this and do it for myself, even if I wasn’t tagged… Mwahaha!

  • Maraia

    *raises hand* I get the reference! I love that book. 😀

    Awww, Thomas and Chuck. </3

    I COMPLETELY AGREE about Harry Potter. He and Ginny are probably my first ever OTP, before I even knew what that meant. I shipped them from day one. Book Ginny is amazing, and I love her and Harry together. I was so upset when JKR said he should have been with Hermione. No way! It was clear from the beginning that she and Ron would be together.

  • I have yet to read Scarlet, but Wolf is ruggish? HELLOOO ♥_♥ he my type. I gotta read that book STAT! It makes me really really beyond happy that you talk Jane Austen in your posts (it feeds my Austenly soul!). But SERIOUSLY Anne and Wentworth were so slow. Slow as molasses. That kiss in the 2007 movie took like five damn minutes just to meet lips! EVERYTHING IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SLOTHFUL! But holy guacamole do I ship it. Also, Mary and Collins were meant to be and the first few times (actually, if i’m honest, to this day) it bugs me that they aren’t a thing. They could’ve read Foredyce and chilled for the rest of their lives.
    That gif at the end is perfection.
    You’re perfection.
    This post is perfection.
    okaygoodbyegreatpost *SJ OUT!*

  • This seems like such a fun and amazing tag! I cannot wait to do it for myself!
    I totally agree with your thoughts on Scarlet and Wolf. It took me until the end of Scarlet to finally accept Scarlet and Wolf as a couple. I just did not like his bad-boy attitude in the beginning of their relationship. But now, I think that they are pretty much perfect for each other!
    I have never really thought about Mary and Mr. Collins being a couple, but now that you mention it, it actually makes a lot of sense. I never though that Mr. Collins would be a good match for Lizzie, but I felt bad for him. He was a good guy and deserved to find a marriage with actual love. He definitely could have gotten that with Mary instead of Charlotte.

  • Gabi Dahlin

    YESSSS CELIA AND MARCO. Celia and Marco are my most favorite in the world ever. (also my most favorite book so I guess that goes hand in hand). I also absolutely 100% agree with Harry + Ginny in the books being a million times better than in the movies; just in general I get real upset about how Ginny is portrayed in the movies!

    Great post, Carlisa! 🙂 I am super excited to do this tag, thanks for tagging me! You’re the best.

  • Jordyn @ J. Bookish

    Okay so just for the record I commented on this the day you posted it. But I did it on my phone. And my phone doesn’t like Disqus. Clearly, technology has defied me and my comment never posted. WAH. I’ll do my best to re-create it now.

    THAT’S ME! I was just innocently reading and did a actual literal double-take when I saw I was tagged! Never mind the fact that I have been book blogging for six months and I had no idea what OTP actually stood for. I really want to actually read Les Mis. I freaking love the movie and I have a gorgeous edition of the book but I still haven’t read it. I just have too many books I want to read. Including The Night Circus AND The Book Thief!

    When Tangled first came out, I laughed so hard I cried at that part. Oh Vladimir. You and your dainty youneecorns.