On My Nightstand in January 2016

Posted January 1, 2016 by Carlisa in Monthly TBR / 9 Comments

TBRIT’S OFFICIALLY 2016 AND I AM OFFICIALLY FREAKING OUT. The years are going by way too fast for my liking. I cannot believe that 2015 is over already. CAN YOU? It was like I did this:

And then 2015 was over. Not exaggerating in the slightest.

But anyway, I’m excited for 2016 because it’s going to be a great bookish year, I can feel it in my bones. So let’s start off with what I’m hoping to read in January! This will be weird for me because I’m no longer in my YA lit class that heavily influenced what I read throughout the last four months. But, alas, I will try to make this list.

TBR for review

never, never finding hope spinning starlight lair of dreams a thousand nights

All five of these have been on my TBR lists before…but I didn’t get to them! *Eep* I’m sincerely hoping to get to at least some of these…and considering four of them are already published, I definitely need to get on that! Have you read any of these ones?

TBR for class

I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. I was hoping that my two English classes would publish our online syllabi…but they have not. I’m taking a Victorian literature class and an American Authors literature class (which I think is focusing on Edgar Allen Poe), so hopefully I’ll be reading some great books!

TBR for kicks

jurassic park demon wolf by wolf anne of avonlea the love that split the world rest of us night of cake and puppets the storyspinner da vincis tiger made you up

I’m currently reading Jurassic World and I have The Demon King checked out from the library. The othre three are more wishful thinking, but I’m for sure a mood reader, so we’ll see if we get to those! These are more my options that I’m going to choose from this month!

What books are you planning on reading in January? Have you read any of the ones on my list? Let me know how you liked them!

  • I desperately want to read The Demon King! I got Wolf By Wolf for Christmas, so I’m so excited and hoping to read that as soon as possible!

  • Maraia

    Yay, The Demon King is great, as I know you’ve already heard from Sarah, haha. Night of Cake and Puppets is AMAZING. I usually don’t like novellas much, but this one actually made it to my “favorites” shelf. I’m planning to read Wolf by Wolf and Jurassic Park as well! 😀

  • The Rest of Us! Definitely not my favourite of Ness’ but then again, I’ll always see through filtered glasses and he can do me no wrong haha. And best of luck with your academic reading! Sounds tough already and the syllabus hasn’t even been released.

  • Oh this is a great TBR list! I’m currently reading TLTSTW and have an old ARC of DaVinci’s Tiger I should probably read at some point… (It wasn’t originally sent to me so no pressure really) I hope you like everything you read this month!

  • The years are flying by. And like you, I’m freaking out about it! Where do they go!? 😀 Enjoy your reads and happy 2016!

  • I’ve only read The Rest of Us Just Live Here and I liked it. It’s the only Patrick Ness book I’ve read and from what I’ve seen is that people who have read his other books don’t really like The Rest of Just Live Here as much.I want to read A Thousand Nights.

    – Emma @ Emma Likes Books

  • I’ve read one of these books! (There are some I would really like to read myself, though, like The Storyspinner and The Love That Split the World.) Wolf by Wolf is AMAZING and I really hope you love it if you get to it.☺

  • Made You Up is one that I definitely want to check out! It sounds excellent. I’ve also heard pretty mixed things about The Rest of Us Just Live Here, so I hope you enjoy that one. Happy 2016! ;D

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  • Ooh. Wolf by Wolf is amazing. I loved it. and I’m not historical person. Tell me how you like it or not like it! So yeah!