Ten Most Anticipated 2016 Releases from the First Half of the Year

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Top Ten Tuesday

2015 IS ALMOST OVER. Holy moly, me oh my. That is absolutely crazy. It’s super interesting book-wise coming into 2016 because this is my first time starting a year as a book blogger. Before I started book blogging, I never really paid much attention to books that were being released in the future. I’d go to the library or bookstore and get what looked appealing to me. Like nothing else, ever. But now I’m eagerly anticipating books that aren’t published until next November (*cough Marissa Meyer’s Heartless cough*). Like, who am I?

But today I’m going to spotlight some of those books that I’m excitedly awaiting in 2016—but since 2016 is a long year, we’re only going to talk about the first half of the year (sorry Heartless). THESE BOOKS LOOK SO GOOD, YOU GUYS.

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my lady jane a study in charlotte the love that split the world reign of shadows the girl from everywhere

wink poppy midnight dreamology the rose and the dagger scarlett epstein girl against the universe

I went into more detail about some of these in my TTT about 2016 debuts here, so I won’t go much farther than that today. BUT AREN’T THE COVERS BEAUTIFUL? 2016 is going to be a great book year, I know it. 

Have you heard of any of these books? Have you read any of these books? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT. Also link me to your TTT posts today because I want ALL the 2016 books on my TBR. 

  • Mariah Smith

    I AGREE WITH YOUR WHOLE LIST! So so many incredible books are coming out, it’s mind boggling. I’m gonna have to make a list or else I’ll miss the release dates!

    • Lists are kind of wonderful, aren’t they? But YES, 2016 is going to an incredibly wonderful book year, I can just feel it in bones.

  • I really loved Reign of Shadows, The Girl From Everywhere, and Dreamology. I can’t wait to see what you think of all of these books =)

    • Yessss, Dreamology is on this list solely because of you, Brittany! Your high recommendations brought it onto my radar and now I can’t wait for it!

  • Grace

    The covers! Oh my goooooodness! Some great selections there. My TTT.

    • I KNOW, RIGHT? I love covers! Especially since a lot of them seem to be focusing on super unique and beautiful typography!

  • Not only does ‘My Lady Jane’ look amazing, it sounds crazy sassy, which is always a great way to intrigue a reader – at least I think so. 🙂

    • Hahahah, yes. I love sassy and this book definitely qualifies as such. And the Tudor story kind of fascinates me—in a weird way. So I’m super excited for My Lady Jane.

  • MFD

    I still need to read The Wrath and the Dawn, but I am still happy to see a sequel for that book. It sounds like an amazing series.

    My TTT:Marie @ Pages to Explore

    • Ahhhh, this was one of my absolute favorite books of 2015. The Wrath and the Dawn was so incredibly beautiful and I love retellings so it was right up my alley! Please tell me you’re planning on picking it up?

      • MFD

        As soon as I can. I have a really small book buying budget, but as soon as it’s at my local library I will definitely be reading it.

  • Halee

    You picked some AMAZING books. A Study in Charlotte and The Love that Split the World both look like really great reads.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    • Yes! A Study in Charlotte looks WONDERFUL. And I have a preorder for TLTSTW so I’m super pumped for it!

  • I am really looking forward to My Lady Jane! I love the authors involved. There are so many good books coming out in 2016.

    • YES YES YES, that book looks so good. And I have this weird love for the Tudors story and, though I know it’s not really a historically accurate book, I’m still super excited for it.

  • None of this books made my list BUT I’m super-excited for SO MANY of them! Especially, The Love That Split the World, Wink Poppy Midnight (THAT COVER) and The Girl from Everywhere. Also, I’m looking forward to The Rose and the Dagger, so I can FINALLY dive into The Wrath and the Dawn – what can I say? I can’t stand cliffhangers.

    Amazing list! 🙂

    My TTT

    • Hahaha, I will forgive you for not reading The Wrath and the Dawn yet because it definitely ends on a cliffhanger. BUT that book is beautiful and wonderful, so I’m excited for you to read it AND the sequel when it comes out!

  • giovannard

    Wow. Girl Against the Universe sounds great! I just added it to my TBR!!

    Great Top Ten!

    My TTT! 😀

    • Yay, I love spreading good books! Thank you for visiting!

  • Jess @ Princessica of Books

    Ooh, I love the graphic! I also love the diversity in your choices. I’m really looking forward to TGFE and Dreamology! I was lucky enough to read TLTSTW already and I have an ARC of A Study in Charlotte so I’ll be starting those soon :).

    Jess @ Princessica of Books | Twitter | Instagram

    • Ahhh I’m so excited for A Study in Charlotte so I’ll be keeping an eye out for your thoughts on it! And I have a preorder for TLTSTW so I’m super pumped. What did you think of it?

      • Jess @ Princessica of Books

        It was pretty good! A bit of a confusing/symbolic ending though. I gave it 4.5/5 stars and you can expect a review this month!

  • A Study in Charlotte & My Lady Jane are two that I really want to check out too. They sound incredible! Girl Against the Universe has a really cool cover.

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    • Those two are probably my top two most-excited-for books from 2016! They sound phenomenal and I’ve only heard good things from those who have read them already.

      And they ALL have such cool covers, I think. I loooove book covers and the focus on the typography!

  • I can already tell that 2016 is according to all of the amazing (and extremely tempting) TTTs I have read over the past two weeks. I just want ALL OF THE BOOKS! I especially want to read The Love that Split the World and Truthwitch. But all of the books that you listed look enticing as well.

    • It’s going to be AMAZING. I just finished Truthwitch this morning actually and I’m obsessed with it. It was SO good. And I have a pre-order of TLTSTW and I’ve only heard good things! Dsajdisoajdaso I’m so excited.

  • Bloggin’ ’bout Books

    How fun that you’re such a new book blogger! Sounds like you’re loving it 🙂

    REIGN OF SHADOWS is on my list today. I’m also excited for THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE and DREAMOLOGY.

    I’m a Type 1 diabetic as well. I guess I’m “sweeter than y’all,” too!

    • Yeah, it’s been almost a year, which is crazy!

      And yaaay, I love finding other T1Ds in the book blogging community! I mean, I don’t love that you have diabetes because it’s not a fun thing. But I love meeting others!

  • I just added about 5 of these books to my TBR just now, oh my goodness! So many amazing books are coming out in 2016, I cannot contain my excitement anymore! 😊 I am so excited for The Rose and the Dagger!
    Great post!

    • I know, I’m so excited for 2016 just for the amazing books that are going to be published! You’ve read The Wrath and the Dawn, yes?

  • Jo Elliott

    A Study In Charlotte was on my list this week too!

    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/top-ten-tuesday-37/

    • I’m so excited for that one!

  • AHHHH The Rose and the Dagger and Girl Against the Universe! Both from amazing authors, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here and The Love that Split the World are on my most anticipated debut releases as well. 2016 is going to be a great year for books!

  • Nori

    I read A Study in Charlotte and LOVED IT! I’ve also read Reign of Shadows and The Girl From Everywhere. I actually think I have a copy of all of the other books other than the sequel to Wrath, so hopefully I’ll be able to read them soon. I hope you love the books when you get around to reading them!