On My Nightstand in December

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It’s December! Wooooooohoo! That means the end of the semester (*cries tears of joy*) and Christmas! It means going home, time with family and friends, and capital-R Relaxing. But before that bundle of wonderful-ness, I have to make it through the last two weeks of classes and the ever-so-dreaded final exams…


BUT there are many books that I need/want to read this month. The first couple will be the last books that I need to read for my YA literature class. I am going to have to speed read these ones, probs. But then we’ll just see the books that I want to read and the books that I should read as eARCs (I’ve been so bad about these).

TBR for class

Ahhhh so many books in so little time. Monster I have to have read by tomorrow and Out of the Dust by next Thursday because we’re having in-class discussions on them. The rest of them I have to read on my own by next Thursday (the 10th) based on certain authors and genres that I have to read. Ella Enchanted is an audiobook re-read and I’m so excited to finish it because it’s one of my all-time favorite childhood stories.

mexican whiteboy sisters:hermanas the house of the scorpion brown girl dreaming anne of green gables ella enchanted monster out of the dust

TBR for review

I’ve been sooo bad about these…mostly because of the excessive amount of books I’ve had to read for my YA lit class. BUT I’m hoping as soon as school is done, I’ll be able to catch up on some of these reviews that I owe publicists. And there are a couple from 2016 already that I want to try to get ahead on. I know I won’t get through all of these, but these are the ones that I’m going to try to do!

lair of dreams never, never a thousand nights spinning starlight inherit the stars the truth finding hope in real life poet anderson

TBR for kicks

These are super random but they’re just some books I’ve been meaning to get to. Ever since the trailer was released for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I’ve been *itching* to read the novel. I have no idea if I’ll actually like it or not, but I’m excited to try.

And I lurve Suzanne Young so I’m excited to start Hotel Ruby—despite some mixed review. Zuzana from the DOSAB by Laini Taylor is my favorite character so I’ve been dying to read this novella about her specifically. AAAND I won a signed copy of The Rest of Us Just Live Here and it’ll be my first book by Patrick Ness (who people obsess over), so hopefully it’ll be good!

hotel ruby rest of us pride and prejudice and zombies jurassic park night of cake and puppets

So the school books are the priority, obviously. But they all have to be read by the 10th…so that leaves two thirds of the month open for me…with no classes to get in the way! Yay!

What books are you planning to read this month? Have you read any of the books on my TBR?


  • Lefty Book Lover

    Sounds like you’ve got some great reading ahead of you. I had to read Monster for my YA lit last semester. It was actually a really good (and quick) read. I really hope you like Hotel Ruby. That book gives me AHS vibes and I really want to read it.

    Also, hooray for the end of the semester… But I’m dreading finals week. I just have to get through a couple more weeks and then I get to go home for a month and relax and read all the books my little heart desires.

    Happy reading this month! I hope you get to read all these gems!

    • Yeah I finished Monster last night actually and like you said it was quick and pretty good. It’s definitely an interesting format.

      So are you an English major, too?

      And YESSSS. I’m so excited for break just so I can read what I want when I want to, lol. Until next semester (but we don’t need to talk about that).

      • Lefty Book Lover

        Yep, I am an English major, but I am so bad. I don’t do a lot of the reading I’m supposed to. I was also supposed to read The House of the Scorpion but… Didn’t.

        • Well, I might end up being in the same boat as you if I don’t finish in time sooooo…

  • Nancy Kay Cramer

    Just finished Lost World by Michael Crichton, it was pretty intense. I want to reread Harry Potter since it’s been about 10 years.

    • Is The Lost World one of the sequels?

      • Nancy Kay Cramer

        Yes, I think so.

  • Felicia Watkins

    Anne of Green Gables <3 <3 <3

    Also I didn't realize "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" was a book too. Let me know how it is, and if it's worth the read. I'm always kind of skeptical of the zombie/vampire spin on stories…

    • I’m loving Anne of Green Gables. She’s so dramatic but so, so precious.

      Yeah, it is a book. I’m kind of nervous but also strangely excited to read it?

  • So many books, so little time! I think we all know how that goes :/ Good Luck!!

    • Thaaaank you! I’ve finished two so far, so fingers crossed I can get the rest finished. Eeeeep.

  • I still have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on my TBR, along with Ann of Green Gables. Looks like a fantastic list. Enjoy and best of luck.