Looking Back: October 2015

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October is, well, Oct-over. Bahahaha, I’ve told this joke like three times and I’m hoping you readers will be the first to appreciate it. But seriously, what the heck. It’s now November. And it’s supposed to snow this week. Snow. Good thing I got myself some hot chocolate.

But October wasn’t all that exciting. I read a lot of books. I did a lot of homework. I cried in anticipation of my workload in November (not really). And that’s all I did. Really, not a lot. Those 31 days just flew by.

BUT November is bound to be exciting. Because first of all, my brother is getting married this month! This week, actually. Friday, to be exact. And my entire family is coming up from Indiana for it. And if you don’t know. I’m currently 1,500 miles away from said home and family and so I don’t get to see them often. So this will be nice. And I’ll get to see my favorite person ever: my nephew.Version 2

OH, cute story time. My dad texted me this picture a few weeks ago. My parents were babysitting little Ian—my nephew—and my dad heard him talking in the next room. He finds him like this, pointing to my senior pictures, and saying “Narli, Narli, Narli” (I usually go by Carli, if you didn’t know). I LITERALLY CRIED. It’s hard being away from him because he’s so young and I’m always afraid he’s going to forget who I am. But this touched by heart. Oh dear, I love him so. And I’ll see him in five days. I can’t wait. And to see everyone else, too. Of course.

Now, let’s get down to business. I read a lot of books this month:

Books Reads

roll my thunder nimona a thief in the house of memory running loose scarlet dumplin dogsbody  coraline the martian whirligigsize 12 american born chinese graveyard book make lemonade books of magic my book of life

Pages Read This Month: 5,153
Pages Read This Year: 27,155
Books Read This Month: 16
Books Read This Year: 86

Books Reviewed

This was a sloooooow review month, which I was totally fine with actually.

Everything Else I Wrote

Let’s see what November has in store for us!

  • Maraia

    Hahaha, I actually laughed out loud at “Oct-over.” I always fall for puns. 😀
    Awww, what a cute story about your nephew! I’m excited that you get to see all your family, have a wonderful time.

  • Oct-over made me giggle 🙂 I feel the same with my cousins son. I don’t get round to seeing him nearly enough and everytime I go see him I’m scared he is going to start crying because I am a stranger to him! 🙁
    I went to see the film of The Martian this month, LOVED it! I only recently found out it was based on a book but I am hoping I will get round to that one soon 🙂
    I hadn’t heard of The Book of Life By Angel before today, but I just checked out your review and WOW it sounds like a powerful one.
    I’m really excited for November too, particularly for the release of Winter! Can’t wait to get my hands on that! 🙂

  • Teisha McRae

    Look at that adorable, tiny little human. When I was in college, my brother’s daughter was born, so I rarely saw her. Maybe like every one or two months. But she didn’t forget who I was. In fact, I remember my dad commenting once that “she acted like she’d been seeing me everyday”. I doubt your nephew will forget you! Also, you read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry! Did you like it? O haven’t read Mildred D. Taylor’s books since elementary school but they had a BIG impact on me. I hope you have a great November!