Top Ten Best #TwitterGhostStory Posts!

Posted October 27, 2015 by Carlisa in #BookishTwitter, Features, Top Ten Tuesday / 7 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday

I wasn’t going to do a Top Ten Tuesday today…mostly because I was doing homework last night and totally forgot. But also because the prompt is “Halloween freebie” and I wanted to be creative with it but didn’t have the time. I didn’t want to just do the Top Ten Scariest Books but that’s all I could think of. And I don’t even read that many scary books. The only two that come to my head in the moment are The Shining and The Dead House (which I’m listening to now). Oh and Coraline because that book is creep-tastic. Anyway, I wasn’t going to do one.

But then I saw on Twitter all these wonderfully creepy (and sometimes sarcastically funny) posts with the hashtag #TwitterGhostStory. If you haven’t already heard what’s going on, Penguin Teen is hosting a contest on Twitter where you just write the scariest story you can within the limited 140 characters. All you have to do is hashtag it with #TwitterGhostStory and #sweepstakes to enter and you can win some free books.

I saw these, though, and I loved them. I have this weird love for social media and its potential, so I loved seeing how creative some people could get within such a limited amount of space. And they’re awesome. So I decided to compile my ten favorite for today’s Halloween Top Ten Tuesday!


Aren’t they awesome!? Seriously, I loved them so. Now maybe I’ll try to think of something good to post on my Twitter……..Which ones of these are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

  • I don’t know how I’ve missed this on Twitter. I really like the first one by Megan Shepherd. Leave it to her to creep me out in 140 characters. 😉

    • Hers is for sure the creepiest. I haven’t read anything by her but now I’m intrigued 😮

  • MeezCarrie

    wow! what a fun idea! My TTT

  • Nattie @ Book Rambles

    OMG this is such a creative way to interpret this prompt! I would have never thought of it. I didn’t even realise that this was going on Twitter! The first two are definitely terrifying but I also liked the second to last one because it made me laugh. :3
    Here’s my Top Ten

    • Yeah some of them were just funny and I had to share them, too. Thanks for visiting, Nattie!

  • I like the one by Nova Ren Suma the best! This was a fun idea for the Halloween freebie though. Too bad I totally missed the contest lol.