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Posted October 21, 2015 by Carlisa in Let's Talk, Random Thoughts and Confessions / 19 Comments

Guys, I finally got a new blog theme and design! I’ve been itching for a new one for a while. My old one was nice but it wasn’t customizable at all. I had just gotten a pre-made one on Etsy and it worked fine for my purposes for a while. But when I started specifically book blogging, I wanted something that I could easily manipulate if I wanted to. And the Tweak Me v.2 from Nosegraze was just screaming my name.


I’m trying to figure out where to put my tagline, but other than that the header is completed too! If you don’t remember, this is what my old site looked like:

header before

Like I said, it’s nice and it worked for a while. But changing fonts was an issue, having more than medium-length titles was an issue, formatting was an issue. Just because it was like a $20 premade theme. And Tweak Me is also premade but it’sΒ madeΒ to be manipulated by the blogger. Easily manipulated, too, for I am no coder and no web designer.

But anyways, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that it’s done! And I’m really happy with it. Let me know what you think. Like, seriously, if there’s something that you think should be fixed, let me know…I’m still trying to work out all the kinks.

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  • VanessaIsen!


  • Rissi

    Your new design is gorgeous, Carlisa. Love the header too!

    • Thank you!! I’m pretty happy with it. I’m hoping to change and tweak some things as time goes on, but those changes probably won’t even be very noticeable.

  • Maraia

    Wow, I love it! The header is beautiful, what a great choice. Of course I can’t remember now what your old font looked like, so I’m not sure if this is a new one, but either way it’s perfect. I wish I had handwriting like that, haha.

    • It’s definitely a new font on the header. The old one just came with the pre-made theme that I had, which was fine, just not customizable or anything. But thank you SO much, Maraia! Your opinion means a lot.

  • Love it! I have this theme too πŸ™‚

    • I think that’s what I love about it–a lot of people use it. But if you looked at all of their blogs, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that they’re the same. Because it’s so customizable and individual. I LOVE your blog though. It’s super beautiful and I love your unique features.

  • Pretty :D. I’d love to get a new design. Did you make the header yourself?

    • I got the flower design on Etsy for like $3 and then I added the font on Photoshop. It’s such a coincidence that we changed our blogs on the same week. Great minds think alike and all that jazz.

  • The design is absolutely lovely!

  • It’s beauuuteous! Customization can be a huge pain in the neck with pre-made templates, so it really comes down to using a design that you can tweak as you please without risking ruining everything in the HTML code.

    • YES, I totally agree. I know next to nothing about HTML code, so I couldn’t figure out how to change my old theme at all. I tried a few times, using tutorials and whatnot, but always ended up messing things up and just had to go back to where I was in the first place. But it’s okay. I’m happy with this one because it’ll last me forever since I can just change things as I go and develop as a blogger.

      Thank you so so so much for visiting!

  • I love it, especially the suggested posts feature! If I was a wordpress user, I’d definitely get the same theme, it’s super nice!

    • The suggested post option actually comes from a plugin I have, but I love it, too. It just takes posts from the same categories.

      Also, I think your blog is super beautiful. I really like simple beauty in blogs and yours has that.

      Thanks for visiting, Jen!

      • That’s so sweet, thank you! In general I think that wordpress has better options though. it took a lot of editing to get my theme to look the way I want it to.

  • Oh my goodness, it is amazing! It looks so pretty, yet still professional. That font in your header is absolutely And FLOWERS!!!!
    Sometimes I definitely wish that I was a WordPress blogger so that I can try to get all of the cool plug-ins and designs. But, Blogger is simple enough for me to understand and I really do not have enough technical know-how to try and switch.

  • The Book Disciple

    So many people have raved about Tweak Me! I have been hesitant to switch because A. I kind of like my theme now and B. I totally suck at computers. But I love Ashley’s work at Nose Graze! I use her hosting service and UBB (plus all the add ons!)

  • I love the new look! Flowers and watercolours are two of my favourite’ design elements and I get so happy whenever I’ve the pleasure of staring at such prettiness!