My Wishes From the Book Genie

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Top Ten Tuesday

Hello all you wonderful people, you. Seriously, if you didn’t already know, I think you’re wonderful. Every one of you. If I could meet you in person, I’d give you a big hug. Because you’re wonderful. Okay, moving on.

This week’s TTT prompt is Top Ten Wishes from the Book Genie. *rubs hands together mischievously.* Wow I just really struggled with spelling “mischievously.” We don’t pronounce it how it’s spelled. Goodness gracious, English. I love you…I do. But sometimes you need to get your act together.

I’m sorry. I was up until 2AM last night and I just can’t handle that when I have to be on campus by 9. And now it’s after 11 and my bed is just calling to me. That’s kind of not true because I’m currently sitting in my bed. But you know what I mean. Oh. My. Word. I seriously get so distracted and I just ramble and ramble. That’s why I love you, blog-readers. Because I feel like I’m always rambling and making no sense but yet, you guys are still there for me *a single tear trickles down my cheek*.

OKAY THE PROMPT. Ten Wishes from the Book Genie. You can’t not do this without an extreme amount of Aladdin’s Genie gifs. At least that’s my opinion and I’m just gonna jive with it.



  1. To have a house big enough to fit all the books.

    Right now I have an itty bitty shelf in my apartment that my books are piled on. It’s a mess. And most of my books are 1,500 miles away from me back at my parent’s house. Just sitting all lonesome in my little bookshelf that I’ve had since elementary school. Seriously, the other day I found a CC + PP written on the side. The mysterious “PP” is a boy from my elementary school who I used to play World of Warcraft with, lol. I was in love with him. Ah, that bookshelf brings back some memories *nostalgic sigh.* ANYWAYS. Right now I’m in college so of course I’m going to be living in a little apartment. But, you know, Book Genie, do your magic.

  2. To Never Have a Favorite Character Die. Like, Ever.

    Having characters die is the worst thing. Especially when you’re attached and you love them and then suddenly they are no more. Like the author just picked up her mighty pen (or mighty keyboard) and killed. them. THAT’S MURDER, I TELL YOU. Capital-M Murder. So if the all-mighty genie would just whip out his magic genie powers and not let any author ever again kill my favorite characters, I’d be alright with that.

  3. To Always Have Someone to Have and to Hold When a Book Gives Me the Feels

    You know, sometimes, a book just makes you sad. And makes you want to cry and cry. And by “you,” I definitely mean “me.” Books don’t make me cry often, but when they do, they really do. So, it’d just be really convenient to always have someone to give me a big hug whenever I needed one. This would of course be temporary until I someday get married because then I’ll have a permanent hug-friend all the time. But, for now, this would be nice.

  4. To Have Every Beautiful Book Have an Equally Beautiful Cover

    I’m going to be honest, I totally judge books by their covers. Covers are the first thing you see when browsing for books, and first impressions are very important in my opinion. And this is my blog so I can say that my opinion reigns here. I’m totally kidding. No, I’m not. Anyways, the covers matter. But sometimes this really wonderful books just don’t have the best covers. So I wish that all books could be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.
    commonplace[Listen, I know this isn’t the Genie, but it’s close enough so that’s all that matters.]

  5. To Have My Ships Sail Always…ALWAYS.

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Again I say, my opinion reigns here and that means the two people I want to fall in love are obviously destined to be together. Obviously. And just pretend that Genie is saying he can make two people fall in love. Because that’s what I need him to do for me *cough CHAOLAENA cough*
    fall in love

  6. To Have All the Books Be Free Forever

    I know, I know. This one is pretty selfish of me. Authors and publishers and everyone involved deserve to be paid for their hard work. Because it’s dang hard work. But we’re talking about a Book Genie here to grant all of my wildest bookish wishes. So dang right I’m going to ask for free books.

  7. To Never Have Another Person Try to Talk to Me When I’m Reading

    Is any explanation necessary here? Sometimes I’m just really into my book and having someone butt into my zone, I’m going to look like Genie down here. Pretend there’s a book in his hands.

  8. To Control Characters When They’re Being Stupid

    Sometimes I just want to smack a character because WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT, YOU DUMMY. It’s like in horror movies when you yell at them to not. go. into. the creepy. dark. haunted. basement. Because it’s obvious. This doesn’t happen to me often because I really do respect authors and what they do with their characters…even if it’s not something I like. But, you know, sometimes I just want to control them. Wow, that sounded awful.

  9. To Be Able to Meet All the Authors Ever

    Whenever an author announces a book tour, my heart starts fluttering and my palms start sweating. I’m being way overdramatic, but it’s sometimes really exciting. I’ve been lucky enough this past year to meet three of my favorite authors on their book tours…But sometimes you just don’t get so lucky and they don’t come anywhere near you. So my wish is just to be able to go anywhere I want, anytime I want to. To go to all the bookish events and also just to travel the world because that’s a big dream of mine.

  10. To Love Every Book I Read Always

    This one is kind of tricky…because how can you recognize a great book if you never read any bad ones? But it would be wonderful to just love every book you pick up ever. To fall in love with the world and the characters, that would just be wonderful. And this Genie gif is a bit of a stretch, but I’m wishing for no books to ever “bite” me with their unlikability (is that a word?) ever again.
    book bite

Now, I’m impressed with myself that I actually came up with ten this week. And what are you talking about? Of course I didn’t just look through Genie gifs and come up with the wishes based on those. Who do you think I am? Really, who do you think I am? Of course that’s what I did.

And finally, let’s just take a minute to appreciate you–kind, wonderful, smart reader. Because you are awesome and you deserve a slow clap that turns into rousing applause every day of your life. applause

What would your wishes from the Book Genie be? I WANT TO KNOW. Let me know in the comments and link me to your TTT post. 

  • Excellent use of Aladdin gifs! I had a few of those top ten wishes as well!

    • Thank you!! I take pride in my usage of gifs…Not really…Well, maybe a little, lol.

  • debnance

    Love all the Aladdin gifs!

    Here’s what I wish the Book Genie would grant to me.

    • Thank you for visiting!! I really appreciate it.

  • Nancy Kay Cramer

    #7 kind of looks like your photo!!

    • Do I look that annoyed in my photo??? Hahahah.

  • Jordyn @ J. Bookish

    Omg I LOVE number 4. Does this mean that less amazing books have less amazing covers? it must, or else they’d all be gorgeous. I guess we wouldn’t judge books by their covers anymore then… but it would be kind of funny for publishers to, like, rank books and give them ugly covers if they’re bad. The author would be so sad. Hahaha okay I’m now the rambler and a terrible person.

    • Yeah, I guess I didn’t think this through all the way. I mean all books have the potential for beauty and the potential to change someone’s life. So describing a book as “amazing” is really subjective and depends on the person reading it. SO, I guess we’ll just have to have ALL books have amazing covers, won’t we?

      You’re right, that would be so sad for the author. “Dang it, I’m getting published but they gave me an ugly cover.” Oh my, so sad.

      AND DON’T WORRY. My blog is forever filled with my rambles. If you read my reviews, I frequently have to apologize because I’m rambling and whatnot. Personally, I like rambling in blogs. It makes things more personal and unique to you. (Also, you’re not a terrible person, I promise).

  • I love the gifs. I’d also love to have free books.

    • It would just be the best thing ever. I’m glad you agree 🙂

  • MeezCarrie

    #7 – yessssssssssss pleeeeeease lol for the love! My TTT

    • I KNOW, RIGHT? It’s really simple. I’m reading and that’s it. If I wanted to small talk with you, I would’ve closed my book.

      • MeezCarrie

        LOL exactly!!

  • Hahahaha I was just about to comment about how impressed I was with how well your genie gifs worked with your wishes, but then I read the last paragraph. I actually laughed out loud.

    • Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, lol. It started out with my own wishes but kind of took on a mind of its own. Which is 100% okay, in my humble opinion.

  • I love that your gifs match your wishes, or should I say I love that your wishes match your gifs! My favourite are 3,7 and 9. I asked for free travel (or some kind of travel superpower) so I could meet all the authors. Sometimes it’s hard living int he UK when all my favourite authors are in the US!
    And I definitely agree with never being interrupted again! Who do these people think they are?! Do they not see the book in my hands?!!! 🙂

    • Free travel would be absolutely amazing. I’m in an area of the US that doesn’t get that many author visits, so I embrace every one that I can. I always see the people that live in New York or over on the East Coast and am jealous because they seem to have author events coming out of their ears.

      But I’d also LOVE to travel to the UK. It’s one of my ultimate dreams.

      AND FOR REAL. The book is in my hands, which means I’m currently in another world. Are you gonna drag me out of it just so you can small talk with me? Pshhh.

  • Rissi

    Numbers 2,4, 5, and 9 = 1000 x YES! Those are awesome wishes indeed. 🙂 Great list.

    • Yessssss, those are my favorites, I think. Thank you SO so much for visiting!

  • Mary Jane

    I’m loving the genie gifs! I agree with everything in your wish! That would also be my wish, tbh. Have a great day!

    Jane @the bookdragon

    • Thanks for visiting, Mary Jane! I’m glad you liked the gifs because I loooved them.