Author Duos I’d Like to See Co-Write a Book

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Top Ten Tuesday

Yay! I’m actually writing this Top Ten Tuesday post. That’s two weeks in a row, baby. TWO WEEKS. *Proceeds to pat myself on the back.* This post was way fun this week and really got me thinking about some of the authors I know and love. And this post also gave me reason to procrastinate my life even more than I already do. Which is both a blessing and a curse, really.

Okay anyways, this week’s prompt is Author Duos You’d Like to See Write a Book Together. I actually started this post thinking I was going to morph together these authors faces to make one awesome duo-author…and I started with Rainbow Rowell and John Green and it was just too creepy to continue. So, sadly, you don’t get to see the weird morphed faces. BUT here are my ten authors for this week!

john rainbow

These two are like the female and male versions of each other. At least their books are. Their books are smart, cute, romantic, funny, honest, and real contemporaries that are just good. Together they’d create some very beautiful prose that will probably make you laugh, cry, want to punch a wall at the unfairness of this cruel world, and keep reading vigorously until the last page…all at the same time.

brandon maas

Can you imagine the insane world-building that would develop if these two minds came together? Oh man, I honestly don’t know if I’d be able to handle it. I can’t even think about it too much.


I’m gonna be honest, the first reason I’d think to put these two together is because of their wildly bold and awesomely-colored hair. But in all seriousness, these two YA fantasy writers would work wonders together with their unique  writing styles and characterizations! [Sidenote: It was harder than you’d think to find a background color that doesn’t clash with both of their hairstyles *eep*]


These two both have this hauntingly/creepingly beautiful writing style that sucks you in and then spits you out, wanting more, more, more. And if they wrote a book together, the result would be a creepy, beautiful tangled web of awesomeness.


Ever since I read Emmy & Oliver this summer, I’ve thought about how Sarah Dessen-esque Benway’s writing feels. They both can write really good YA contemporary romances that are not just fluff. They have real substance behind them and I love that. And the combination of both would be a beautiful thing.

Who would your dream author-duos be? Do you agree with my picks…or perhaps do you disagree? Let me know!


  • Haha oh my gosh Carlisa, I was thinking about doing some sort of face morphing, too! It’s probably a good thing we didn’t. LOL *shudders*

    I didn’t recognize the name Melissa Grey. After looking her up on Goodreads, I know who you mean now, though. I’ve been told that The Girl at Midnight is really good. I LOVED Emmy & Oliver! So much! But I haven’t read anything by Sarah Dessen. I know, who am I?

    • Hahahahah we seriously have the same mind. I thought it would be hilarious and perfect, but no…it was just kind of frightening.

      I haven’t actually read anything by Melissa Grey either (*hides face in shame that I posted her without reading it) but The Girl at Midnight sounds similar to Laini Taylor’s books in the sense that they’re both fantastically unique.

      READ STUFF BY SARAH DESSEN, SARAH. You even have the same first name. That *means* something. The Truth About Forever has always been my favorite, but her most recent Saint Anything is pretty good too. They’re ALL good. I’ve been reading her since 7th grade though, so I feel a deep, almost nostalgic, connection with her books.

  • I completely agree with your first two choices! Those would surely produce my new favorite contemporary and fantasy books together! I haven’t read a book by Melissa Grey, but I think Laini Taylor’s beautiful writing style would complement any story. Great picks! 🙂

    • Truth be told, I haven’t read Melissa Grey’s book yet either. I’m fairly sure The Girl at Midnight was her debut that published earlier this year. But I’ve just been waiting to find the time to read it because I’ve heard it’s fantastic.

  • I am so glad I am not that only on who put Rainbow Rowell & John Green together!!! I think that if they did write a book together, it would wonderfully amazing! Happy Reading!

    Please see mine if you would like,

    • “Wonderfully amazing” is a pretty good description for what their book baby would be. It’d be funny and probably sad and heart-warming and just overall lovely.

      • Yes! It would. Buying it would be easy reading it would be a rollar-coaster!

  • I like this list. John Green nearly made my list too, but I didn’t know who to pair him with, I spent ages trying to think of someone but sadly couldn’t 🙁 I’ve been wanting to read Laini Taylor for AGES now, but still haven’t gotten round to it. Just checked out Melissa Grey on goodreads, love the look of The Girl at Midnight!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and making my TBR even longer!!!

    • You should DEFINITELY pick up Laini Taylor’s book. I’ve only read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series but I binged them all this past summer and I absolutely loved them. Karou, the main character, is awesome and completely unique. Those books are nothing like I’ve ever read before.

      And, truth be told, I haven’t read The Girl at Midnight yet. BUT I’ve heard really good things I’m just waiting to find the time.

  • Jazz

    I think Maas and Sanderson would make a good team even though I haven’t picked up his books yet. I think Maas could write with just about anyone though.

    My TTT

    • You’re totally right. There were a couple of authors who I thought Maas could pair with but I ultimately picked Brandon Sanderson just because of their amazing world-building powers. You should also really try one of Sanderson’s books. I’ve only read the Reckoners series and the Mistborn trilogy, but they were both really well written and awesome.

  • MeezCarrie

    oh goobers – Green & Rowell would be a great pair but can you imagine the feels??? lol My TTT

    • THERE’D BE SO MANY FEELS. I don’t even know. But they’re both so humorous with their writing that maybe it’d balance each other out?? Who knows but I WANT IT STILL.

  • Love these picks! Dessen + Benway, Rowell + Green. SO perfect.

    • Rowell and Green were the first people that came to mind because it’d be beautiful and perfect. Ahhhh why isn’t this happening already?

  • Allyson Gilmore

    Sanderson and Maas, brilliant! 😉

    • Yes, isn’t it! Thanks for visiting!

  • Lauren

    Gaiman and Morgenstern! I love that combination!

    Check out my TTT.

    • I think they’d be really good together! I just want to see more books from Morgernstern, in all honesty.