Emily Owens, MD | How It Got Me Thinking

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image1Over the summer, my older sister started watching this show on Netflix called Emily Owens, MD. I had seen it on there, but I just remember thinking: “Ohhhh great. Another doctor show.” Because, let’s be real, there are a million and one doctor shows. But my sister loved it and since she’s like my best friend of all time, I decided to watch it too.

And it was amazing and I loved it. Except the last episode. Because it got canceled after the first season and IT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO END LIKE THAT. Okay, anyways.

The show was just really well done and I love Emily. I relate to her a lot. She’s quirky and nerdy and kind of awkward…especially around boys. But she also knows what she wants and, though it might take her a little to get there, she’ll go for it. But she’s not perfect; she’s flawed. She’s just living life the best that she can.


Lol, we’re the same person.

But anyways, I just love her. And I want to be her best friend. Her thoughts are voiced-over, which is something unique that I really appreciate because we see a side of her that she doesn’t present otherwise. Like even if she seems calm and collected, she’s actually having awkward dialogue just thinking to herself. And I love that. I love that she’s just not this perfect genius doctor. She’s good at what she does but we see both sides, the stress behind the actions.

But let me talk about what the show is about for a second. Emily Owens just finished med school and is now in her residency. She starts at this hospital along with her friend from med school, Will. And by “friend,” I mean “friend who she’s also secretly in love with.” And then there’s another guy, Micah, who is just perfection, if I do say so myself. He is a doctor who works at the hospital she’s interning at. I am a big believer in Micah. But basically Emily is just trying to figure out who is she is. And I wish I could’ve seen more of that development, but, alas, no. *grumbles about stupid execs who decided to cut the show. grumble, grumble.*

I’m gonna be honest, this show has stuck with me past this summer. Which is a big deal for a fifteen-episode or however-many-episode series that never was truly completed. She’s changed the way I think about some things. And I think a lot of it has to do with how much I relate to her personally. Like I relate to her a lot. And I already talked about it a little, but let’s talk about it again. Her thought processes are like my thought processes to a T. And, let’s be real, I’m 20. A lot of why I related to her was related to boys. I’ve always been kind of awful with boys. Like I’m shy and awkward and, around the boys I like, that shyness and awkwardness sometime shoot through the roof. At least until I’m more comfortable. But whenever I like someone, I tend to like them, if you know what I mean. I had a roommate once who was able to stop liking a boy really easily if he wasn’t flirting back or showing enough reciprocation. She’d just move on to the next one that comes her way. And I just have the hardest time doing that. It’s so hard for me. And I believe the best relationships come out of friendships so I kind of just always hope for the best. Believe that the best will happen. And then, before I know it, I’m in deep.

And Emily kind of seems to be the same way. She gets in deep with Will. But in the first episode (so not a spoiler, it’s too early in…and you have to know this to understand what I’m going to talk about later), she tells him that she likes him and he tells her he doesn’t feel the same way. OUCH. But she still hopes. They stay friends but she still wants more. You know, because she’s in deep.

At one point, though, she tells herself that she wants to be chosen. She wants to be someone’s first choice. And in my head, all of a sudden, I heard the bells *DING DING DING CARLI, ARE YOU LISTENING?*

chosenfirst choice

I love that. I. Want. To. Be. Chosen. I don’t want to be pining after some “big-shot” Will in my life. I WANT MICAH BECAUSE I LOVE HIM. Just look at how he looks at her:


He’s the cutest and the best. And I love him. But what I love most about him is that he’s not a (excuse my French) douche-lord like Will. He’s kind and sweet and kinda still stupid because he doesn’t admit to his feelings for the longest time. But I love him anyways.

And I’m not feeling this towards any specific person, really. Because right now there’s honestly not a lot going on in the whole love department, if you know what I mean. Which is fine because I’m doing homework approximately 84 hours a day. But I’ve just been thinking about this lately. About Emily’s realization of wanting to be chosen. Because that’s what every girl deserves. Someone to choose her and to make an effort for her. And that’s what I want eventually. I don’t want to settle or wait around for a guy who doesn’t care enough to do something about it.

BUT CHANGE OF SUBJECT LET ME FREAK OUT ABOUT THE ENDING OF THE SHOW. Like I said, it got cancelled after one season and the series was not supposed to end the way that it did. It makes me want to punch a wall and cry. I NEED MORE. But I can’t tell you anything because I want you to watch it even though it’s short and unfinished. So I’m just going to leave you hanging until the incessant need to know what happens eats you alive to the point that you finally press the Play button on Netflix. 

But, for real, go watch it. If you’re like me, you’ll really like Emily. The characters are well-done, the dialogue is well-written…I JUST LOVE IT. And despite how much I’ve talked about it, the show isn’t just about the romance. It’s about finding Emily finding herself. And I honestly miss her. I seriously texted my sister that today. I miss her and I want to be best friends with her.

Okay, the end.

  • I’ll have to check this one out. It sounds really cute. I hate when my favourite shows get canceled. Witches of East End was canceled after 2 seasons and I basically had an uproar. Fans of the show were so angry. There was even a petition going around to bring the show back. It left on such a massive cliffhanger. I’m still pissed about it. It was actually based off of a book, so I tried to read that. Just. Not. The. Same. Also, Luther. It was another good one that was canceled. Why do they do this to us?! :'(

    • I’ve heard of Witches of East End. Actually I feel like I heard it from you? I’m not sure. But I haven’t ever heard of Luther.

      But whhhhhhhhy. Why must they do this! I feel like they just didn’t market enough because if more people knew about the shows, more people would be watching! Because they’re good. Bah.

  • I hate it when I show I love gets cancelled, it makes me want to start protests and march up to the production peoples office and stand outside with big signs chanting “Bring it back! Bring it back!”. But that might be a bit extreme, so instead I just sit at home and cry and think mean thoughts! But I have to agree on the awesomeness of Netflix as they may not have the newest blockbuster films on it, but there are so many gems of TV shows hidden on Netflix that I LOVE discovering! I will definitely have to have a look for this one next time I am on Netflix, you have definitely sold it to me. And also I have totally saved that bookshelf gif! 🙂

    • I’m the same way where I get so upset but I just think upset thoughts to myself. But I totally did this one to myself because I knew it had gotten cancelled before it started. *sigh*

      BUT you should really check it out. It’s super funny and relatable and cute (despite the ending *gag*). Sidenote, but is “relatable” not a real word? It keeps underlining it like it’s not…………awkward, but you know what I mean.

  • Rissi

    I adored this show. I only recently binge-watched it too and was disappointed in how it ended. Had it ended without Emily letting Will in, I could “deal” because I’d just dream up that she and Micah got together. Those two…! <3 And like you, I think Emily is a darling character; she's VERY easy to relate too.

    • Yesssss, it was the worst when she let Will in. And if the show had gone on, it wouldn’t have been an issue because she would have obviously realized it was a mistake. And something bad probably would’ve happened when Micah found out but they would have gotten through it BECAUSE THEY’RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER, gosh dang it.

      I’ve never written fanfiction before, but I suddenly have the urge to write fanfiction for this show of what would’ve happened after season one :o. Although I know absolutely nothing about medicine so I wouldn’t be able to write very accurately.