Let’s Talk Movies: The Visit

Posted October 9, 2015 by Carlisa in Let's Talk, Let's Talk Movies / 2 Comments

the visitGuys, let’s just talk about this movie. It’s been over a week because I’ve needed to just calm myself down to a level where I can talk coherently about this. This movie was so stressful. That’s the best word I can use to describe it: stressful.

Let me just tell you about the premise. There’s this little family, a mom and her son and daughter, Tyler and Rebecca. The mom hasn’t talked to her parents in years, for an unbeknownst reason to the audience (until later, obvs, when all is revealed…). BUT her parents want to meet their grandchildren so they plan a visit for the kids to take the train up and meet them finally. Rebecca is an aspiring filmmaker and decides to document the entire thing on camera, hoping to make a movie that can reconcile her mother with her grandparents. So they get there and weird things start happening, to say the least. I don’t know how much to tell you without spoiling it, so if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, go watch it here.

Basically, the first half of the movie, you just have no idea what’s going on. Because weird, creepy things are happening and you have no idea why. And the girl is filming it which for some reason makes it thirty times worse. And then it starts getting super crazy, like OHMYGOSHWHATAMIEVENWATCHING crazy. Like “I’m never going to visit my grandparents ever again” crazy. Like I said, I don’t want to give away  too much of the plot, so I’m not going to be very specific. But how about I just show you some of my reactions via gifs because those are always fun:

i cant look



But this movie was different than normal horror movies…because it was actually pretty funny? Tyler, the son, is straight up hilarious. And there were a lot of moments that provided comedic relief. My roommate told me that the director actually made three versions of this movie: one complete horror, one complete comedy, and then one a mixture of both (which is the movie in theaters today). I don’t know how true that is, but it makes sense. And it makes me scared for whoever has to see the pure horror one. But there were many actual laugh-out-loud moments, usually quickly followed by a not-so laugh-out-loud moment, if you know what I mean…but still.

So sometimes I was like this:funny1

But, more often than not, I was so nervous for what might happen next that I was probably more like this:funny

AND THEN THAT PLOT TWIST, OH MY WORD. I was not expecting what happens to happen. Asdjsioadjsiaocsaiodjasidonlsflsdjkfd. I don’t even know what to say because I still don’t have words. I just didn’t see that coming at all but suddenly everything made sense…well, this strange sort of sense where everything is just super messed up still.

But anyways, if you’re into scary movies, you should go try this out. I can see how it wouldn’t work for some people but I was seriously so stressed out the entire time and for a couple of hours afterward. SO take a visit to the movie theater (ha, get it?) and let me know what you think about The Visit. 

  • There is something about movies with people filming in them that terrifies me. Paranormal Activity, for example. It makes it feel WAY more real. I can’t say I’ll ever watch this because I am a massive baby when it comes to horror. It’s funny because I would never expect this movie to be a horror. The cover looks so inviting? Ok, I just noticed the bloody finger prints. LOL Never mind. PS how does John Stamos keep getting more attractive with age?

    • I was JUST having this conversation about John Stamos with my roommate. He and Rob Lowe. They’re both in their 50s but they’re still so attractive…

      And the movie is pretty freaky, but I don’t watch full-out horror movies. Like I can’t handle anything worse than PG-13, lol.