Ten Book Blogging Habits I Want to Quit

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Top Ten Tuesday

Guuuuuuys, I’ve been so bad about Top Ten Tuesdays. It’s just like I’ll get to Monday nights, remember that I should do a TTT post, look at the prompt, be promptly uninspired (ha), and then decide I’d rather watch Netflix read a book in bed.

If you’ve been following my blog or my Twitter feed lately, you might know that life is kind of stressful right now. A lot of homework and studying, a lot of work, a lot of just everything. You know the drill, right? And it’s been hard keeping up with my blog with all of that. Especially since I’m in a YA lit class. I thought it would help me with my blog, you know, be complementary to it? But there are just a lot of books I have to read for it, and so the review books I have are just sitting sadly in my Nook or on my shelf. And posts are just not being written as often.

But you guys have been wonderful. Seriously, my monthly views didn’t even go down even though I only wrote 13 posts as opposed to my normal 20-25. That might have had to do with the high number of views on my “Oh my gosh, I met the Weasley twins and I’m freaking out” post. But you know. Whatever.

But I decided to finally write another TTT and today’s prompt is something bookish that you want to quit. And I couldn’t really think of ten series that I didn’t want to continue with or ten authors or ten blah blah blah. So since I’ve been kind of struggling, I’m going to talk about ten book blogging habits that I want to quit. So let’s do this:

Stressing Out About Daily Posts

Over the summer, I got really good about writing a post almost every day. And I really enjoyed it! I was home for the summer doing an internship and part-time job, but when I went home in the evenings I had a lot of time for myself. And blogging became a part of my daily life.

But now here I am at school and I can’t do that anymore. It’s too stressful. So I’ve decided not to plan posts everyday on my calendar, to not worry whether I’m getting five posts a week, to just not stress about posting. 

Requesting Every Semi-Interesting-Looking ARC

This was a problem when I first got my Netgalley account.

Me: Ooooh that book looks good *Request*
Me: Ooooooh THAT book looks really good *Request*
Me: You know, that book looks like it could be good *Request*

It was seriously a problem. And then I ended up with books with looming publication dates that just didn’t excite me, you know? I wasn’t excited to open my Nook and read them. Some of them, sure, I was super pumped. But others, no. So I’ve decided to only request books that I would for sure buy for myself on the shelf. No more books that look like maybe, perhaps, if I squint a little, I’d like it.too many things

Not Commenting On Other Blogs

I’M SO BAD AT THIS. I love when people comment on my blog posts. Every comment makes me smile and makes me feel warm and fuzzy and all that jazz. But I have a hard time reciprocating the favor. I read tons of blog posts–I follow a lot on Bloglovin’, but I rarely ever comment. I think it might be because most of the time I’m reading the posts from my phone which makes it harder to comment back…But nevertheless (yes, I use the word nevertheless, get over it), I’ve decided to spend time each week and just comment on blogs. Treat others how you want to be treated, right?

Replying to Comments Super Late on My Blog

I used to not be like this. I’d be pretty instantaneous with accepting comments and then replying to them. Usually on the same day. And then for some reason during the summer, I just slowly stopped checking my Disqus admin page everyday, and before I knew it, I’ve have like 25 comments to accept and reply to. Which doesn’t make commenting back a fun thing. BUT I WANT TO COMMENT BACK TO EVERYONE. I love everyone who visits and comments on my page. And you all deserve a reply. So I’ve decided to at least check Disqus every other day and reply to all comments. typing

Not Requesting Physical ARCS

Requesting physical ARCs from big publishers is super intimidating. But I feel as if I’ve reached the point in my blog where it’s okay to be doing so. I actually did request a few like a few months ago, and one came for me in the mail…but it went to my parent’s house in Indiana. I freaked out though when my sister Snapchatted me with a package that said C/O Confessions of Carlisa under my name. DJSIAODJSIAODSDAJLSKDLSAJ. It was an awesome moment.

So my parents forwarded it to me………and I never received it. I think it must be lost in the mail, which is the saddest story ever because it was my first real ARC. And I’m not even 100% sure which book it was.

Anyways, I’ve decided I want to get over my fear and request more physical ARCs. I’ve been consistently blogging for about nine months now (wow, what the heck) and it’s about time for me, I think.

Buying All the Books

I used to rarely buy books. For an avid reader, my bookshelf was actually pretty lame. But I just didn’t want to ever buy a book if I didn’t know that I was going to love it. So I’d go to the library for everything.

But since I started blogging, I have this incessant need to buy books. I hear so many wonderful things about books coming out, that I want them the day they’re published. Even if I won’t be able to read them that day.

And I shouldn’t be doing that. I’m in college, for goodness sakes. So I’ve decided to use the library first before buying, to only buy the books that I need.budget

Comparing My Blog to Others

This is a hard one. You all just have such wonderful blog designs and blog posts and reviews and sometimes it makes me a little, teensy bit jealous. It’s easy to feel like my blog isn’t as good as others…but this is such a bad thing to do. I’ve decided not to compare my blog to others…because this is my little corner of the internet and it’s just me.

Procrastinating Review Books

I think I am just Queen of Procrastination. Like, bow down to me right now because I am your Queen. Seriously, I procrastinate everything. It’s awful. And review books are ones that just naturally are procrastinated in my life. I’ll realize I have a couple review books being published that next Tuesday and I haven’t read any of them (*gulp* like the two that are being published today that I haven’t yet read). And so I’ll rush to try to read at least one of them. But then sometimes that doesn’t happen. And then more stress happens. But this stress wouldn’t happen if I hadn’t procrastinated in the first place. I need to get ahead in my life, and that includes with review books. procrastinate

Stressing Out About Review Books

This goes only with the last one, but even though I want to be able to get ahead with review books, I also want to stress less about them if they aren’t the #1 priority. I’m doing important things with my life right now. I’m working, going to school, having a semblance of a social life. And if I don’t always get to a review book by the day it’s published, I don’t want to stress out about it. And, of course, I know that I most likely requested it and that I have a “duty” to the publisher because of that…but my life and mental health are important, too.stressville

Treating Blogging Like a Duty

This kind of encompasses everything that I’ve already talked about…but I just don’t want blogging to became something I have to do, something annoying and weighing me down. It’s should be something I enjoy always–every time I do it. And I want it to be like that. So I’ve decided to just let my blog be an outlet for my bookish thoughts, random rants, and everything in between. I need it to be something I enjoy.

So these are my ten bookish habits that I’m going to quit, starting today. WHO’S WITH ME? Do any of you ever have these problems with your book blog? Let me know so I know I’m not alone!

Also, link me to your TTT post and I’ll be sure to check it out! Thank you for being so wonderful!

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  • Maraia

    Lol, I love the word “nevertheless.” 😀

    I’m a huge fan of the library. I get all of my books from either the physical library, the e-library, or inter-library loan. Between those three, I manage to find almost everything I’m looking for.

    Good luck with all your goals! Coming from someone who’s not a blogger, I actually prefer to see posts on a blog a few times a week instead of every day. I like to comment and have a meaningful conversation, which is impossible if I’m trying to keep up with a million blogs with new posts every day. I hope that’s reassuring. 🙂

    • Thank you for your insight! What I’ve come to realize is that though I may not be posting every day, the posts I *do* write are more meaningful. Quality over quantity, right?

  • I can sooo relate to many of these – like the daily posts thing, the don’t compare your blog to others, and don’t treat blogging like a duty. I just started blogging this summer (when I was off from work) so of course I had oodles of time to write and be creative. Now that school is back in session, well, my time for blogging and such has been strictly reduced. Good luck and best wishes!

    • Yeah, my life is pretty much the same story. Over the summer, I’d be posting reviews a couple of times a week and probably a discussion thrown in there and what-not. Now, I’m lucky if I get a review in at all in a week 😮

  • Great post! I have a lot of the same issues with blogging and reading. Some day I will learn not to say “yes” to ALL the books. 🙂

    • Ahh, I know. It’s so difficult because I WANT to read *everything,* but that’s just not possible.

  • MeezCarrie

    I can totally relate to most of these!! 🙂 My TTT

  • Jo Elliott

    I can definitely relate to some of these!

    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/top-ten-tuesday-25/

    • Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  • Dawn

    I can rate to the daily posting thing. Its hard once getting out of it to get back into it. For some strange reason, since never really know why it is so hard for me to actually get back into it.

    And i am also with you on the requesting of physical ARCS. I never done that. I would like to, since I prefer physical books to e-books, but i just always think that nobody would give me a book, so why even bother asking?

    Fantastic list 🙂


    • I prefer physical books to ebooks too! So I’m gonna try to be more confident in my blog haha! And you’ll never know if they’ll accept you until you try!

  • Ahhh I don’t get how people read 20+ books a month at all! I saw a bunch of recaps just this past week where people were like “I ONLY READ 25 BOOKS. Shame on me.” Like what. I am proud of my ten or so books a month. Which is actually a lot for me.

  • StephFurlan

    I can totally relate to most of these. I often worry about
    not updating often enough. Been behind on reviews and wish I could come up with
    new ideas for blog posts. I actually found your website through the Pure
    Imagination website. Been meaning to comment on other websites for the longest
    time and hoping to stick to a goal of commenting on a few each week. I love the
    online community, especially other book people. Also, I definitely encourage
    you to reach out to publishers for ARCs. While they do tend to be quite busy,
    they are lovely people. As long as you have a blog, healthy stats, and
    publicize all the posts you write, it’ll make publishers happy.

    • I think it’s a common worry among book bloggers that they’re not posting and commenting enough. It for sure is a worry of mine. I’ve been trying to get better though. I think I sometimes make goals that are just too much at all once and then I just fail epically. But I need to just make baby steps.

      What I really want to work on is developing deeper relationships among other book bloggers and readers. I read a lot of blogs and tweets and things, but it’s not often that I interact deeply, if that makes sense?

      Anyways, thank you for visiting. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone in my worries about book blogging!