On My Nightstand in October

Posted October 2, 2015 by Carlisa in Monthly TBR / 3 Comments


So I haven’t done this before…but I really enjoy reading other blog’s monthly to-be-read posts, so I decided to make one as well. And it’ll also help me organize myself to read what I need to read.

Obviously I’m probably going to post more books here than I’m actually going to read. If you check out my 2015 Books page, you’d see that I read anywhere from 5-12 books in a month, depending on life’s current level of craziness. So, let’s see:

TBR for review

Let’s talk about the review books that I need to read am going to try my best to read. There are a few that I didn’t get to last month and then some more being published soon!

lair of dreams never, never a thousand nights spinning starlight dumplin

TBR for class

I’m taking a YA lit class right now and we have about one book a week required for class discussion, and then we have to read about 15 or so on our own based on different genres or formats or authors. So I’ll tell you the requirements. Tim Wynne-Jones is coming to give a lecture so we just had to choose any book from him and this was the first one I saw at the library. We have to listen to an audiobook and we have to read a sci-fi/horror/suspense book so I’m double-dipping by listening to The Dead House. And then we each have to do an author presentation where we read three of the author’s books and then present on the author, and I’m doing Neil Gaiman. And then the last four are the four weekly books for the class!

a thief in the house of memory running loose dogsbody whirligig american born chinese make lemonade the dead house graveyard book coraline neverwhere

TBR for kicks

And because I can’t only read books for school…here are the books I have checked out from the library or that maybe I’ll read on my own just because I want to and I do what I want, okay?

[Sidenote: Scarlet and Cress would be re-reads preparing for Winter in November!]

scarlet cress the martian prisoner a mad, wicked folly

Now, the school ones I have to read. So we’re going to be doing that. But we’ll see how many of the other ones I’ll get through this month! *crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that it’ll be a good reading month*


  • I love these type of posts. I’m happy you decided to do one.
    Ok, so Never Never. I want to know your thoughts page-by-page (kidding kidding). I want to read it so bad, but I’ve been seeing mixed reviews and it makes me nervous to actually go out and purchase it.

    • Okaaay, I’ve been “reading” that one for like two weeks or something, because books for school have taken precedence! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll finish it this weekend and then I’ll let you know 🙂

  • I think I’ll make a post at the end of the semester summing up the YA lit class because I’ve had other people be interested too :). It’s interesting though because the books that are required are ones I would probably never pick up on my own :o.