Looking Back: September 2015

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[Insert gushing comment about how I can’t believe it’s already October; Insert question asking WHERE the year has gone probably with an excessive amount of question marks; Insert a nonchalant comment about how it’s cool that my life’s flying by…you know, cool.]

But really, this month went by so, so fast. So let’s talk about it:

What I…

Regretted: Guys, I decided to take an online class and I’m regretting it immensely. I’ve never taken an online class before but the only other section that fit in my schedule was Tuesday nights for three hours. And I didn’t want to do that either. So I thought, you know, I’m a pretty good student. I can do this online class. It’ll give me a lot of flexibility. Blah blah blah. NO. It’s so hard for me to learn just from reading the book. I need someone to teach me. So if you’re an Astronomy wizard (or like that Centaur from Harry Potter), come teach me Astronomy. I’m serious. I’ll make you cookies.

Freaked Out Over/Died About (Seriously, still dead): I MET FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY. I MEAN, THE ACTORS–OLIVER AND JAMES PHELPS. OBVS NOT FRED AND GEORGE BECAUSE FRED IS DEAD. Okay, enough with the caps. It was so exciting and crazy and magical and I want to go back. And I’m basically best friends with James and Oliver now, soooo yeah. But I also recapped the experience if you want to know more about their panel and what-not. So click below, you wonderful human beings.

Got So Stressed Out About: I saw The Visit and it was so incredibly stressful. Like way scarier than I thought it was going to be. AND THAT PLOT TWIST, O H M Y H E C K. I’m probably going to write a (non-spoiler) blog post about it because I couldn’t even handle myself last night.

Missed: My sweet, sweet nephew. Who I can no longer call a baby because he’ll be 18 months this month which makes him officially a toddler. But he’s just the cutest and the best and my favorite human ever (Don’t worry. You’re my second favorite human ever, whoever is reading this). And it makes me sad that he’s 1,500 miles away because I want to hear his laugh and read him books and play tag with him. Bah.

You know, not much else happened. School’s happened and that takes up about 80% of my life, soooo yeah. That’s cool, school. Didn’t want to do anything else ever anyways.

What I Read

heir of fire the outsiders all the bright places shipwreck queen of shadows a hole in my life the weight of feathers between us and the moon lydia bennet bomb

Bookish Updates

Books Read this Month: 10
Pages Read this Month: 3,430
Books Read this Year: 70/100
Pages Read this Year: 23,100

Book Reviews

Everything Else I Wrote That You Should Read

Overall, September was a good month. Albeit a stressful one. BUT now comes October which means cardigans and scarves and hot chocolate and corn mazes and haunted houses and general wonderful-ness. LET’S DO IT.

  • I will happily take the second favourite person role ;).

    You read 10 books, blogged, went to school, AND did homework? HOW!? You amazing creature.

    Ok, so I’ve never been to a corn maze. It sounds like so much fun, though. We don’t have things like that around here. At least as far as I know. I should look into it. Is it like a haunted corn maze? Do things pop out at you along the way? If yes, I wouldn’t set foot in one. lol

    • But here’s the thing, Sarah. Five of those books I read for my YA lit class. So technically it is school and homework, hahah.

      Corn mazes are pretty fun. I grew up in Indiana where corn grows in abundance so they’re ALL over. And there definitely are haunted ones that are terrifying but there are also normal ones, lol.

      • The thought of someone chasing me through a maze terrifies me (I’m not sure if that’s what they actually do, but that’s what I imagine).

        • I went to one once and it was more like people jumping out at me. I think if someone had started chasing me, I probably would’ve peed my pants.

  • I met them at Salt Lake Comic Con! I almost didn’t go because I had to miss some classes to be there, but I would’ve regretted it had I stayed home!

    And THANK YOU so so much!