I Met the Phelps Twins!! (aka the Weasleys)

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GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS. I met Oliver and James Phelps, aka Fred and George Weasley. OH MY WORD it was amazing and wonderful and, of course, magical. Or in one solid word from the Weasleys themselves, it was:


So I wanted to post a recap, telling you all about it. Because it’s a pretty big deal. Like I’ve gotten 118 likes on my Facebook picture with them, which is more than even my graduation pictures…so, you know. All my friends know what’s truly important.

The Experience

So I met them at Comic Con…and this was my first experience at such a place. My friend Haley (shout-out!) invited me and, truth be told, I was hesitant. I’d have to skip some classes and the whole idea of Comic Con kind of freaked me out. Like I’m pretty nerdy, but I’m more subtle about it (#subtlefangirl) and Comic Con is a place where people are the opposite of subtle.

BUT I decided to go. Because the Weasley twins. Even though it was kind of expensive…I figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Why not seize it? 

So we went. We walk in and it’s pretty overwhelming. SLCC is apparently the third biggest in the country, following San Diego and NYC. Booths everywhere and people in costumes everywhere. Coming in was funny because they have a “Weapons Check” booth where all the fake weapons get checked to make sure they’re, well, fake.

But we go in and we decide to do a quick walk-around. We both came solely for the Phelps twins, but we wanted to see what was going on. Their panel was at 6 and it was around 2:30 or 3 so we had plenty of time. On the way around we see the twins at an autograph booth. WHAT. There was nothing online that said they were doing autographs so we both freaked out. Haley brought her special edition Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book for them to sign (just in case) and I came along with her. WHERE WE MET THEM. WHERE WE SHOOK HANDS. WHERE THEY SAID MY NAME IN THEIR LOVELY, DEEP BRITISH ACCENTS. It was wondrous. We chatted for like a minute or two and then the line continued on. But this is how we were feeling at this point:


We went to the Grand Ballroom where their panel was going to be and waited in there. We saw a guy who acted in Star Trek…but neither of us knew who he was (*eep*). And then Studio C (a comedy sketch group from BYU) came and did a panel. AND THEN IT WAS THE BIG TIME. The Oliver and James Phelps panel. 3,500 people came to watch. It was cuh-rowded. But awesome.

They were just hilarious. And they’re the same people. Like the exact same as Fred and George. I took a bunch of notes from the Q&A, so let me give you same highlights:

Q&A Highlights

  • James on how crowded it was: “I thought it was going to be three men and their dog…”
  • Q: How was it to work with big names like Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman in your first big gig?
    A: “It was really…cool.” He loved how no one was ever too big not to say “hello” (J)
  • Q: What scene from the books do you wish were in the movie?
    A: The swamp scene *applause* “I understand why it’s not, because anything not pivotal to Harry and his journey wasn’t included. But it would have been great.” (O)
  • Q: Did you really switch roles while filming?
    A: “No matter what Wikipedia tells you, we didn’t really do this.” They said once in a rehearsal when they were in the back of the Great Hall, they did. “We didn’t want to be the reason that the 600 crewmembers had to stay late or work on a Saturday when they’d rather be with their families.” *cue Awwwwww* “I’m just that kind of person, I guess.”
  • Q: What was it like shooting with a bunch of older, established actors while you were so young?
    A: “In the beginning, they’d say ‘Shh, go away. Go away.’ As the films went on, though, we grew confidence with them. We’d ask them advice on how to shoot certain scenes…”
  • Q: What’s your opinion on Voldemort?
    A: “I think he’s very misunderstood, personally……….No, he’s possibly the most evilest person in all of fiction.”
  • Q: What magical item would you use in real everyday life?
    A: “Because we traveled a long way to get here, and traveling sucks…I’d choose a Portkey. You touch it and you’re there” (J). Oliver would have a Time-turner so he’d always know the results of sports matches at the same time.
  • Q: Are you as close as Fred and George?
    A: “Not really…..No, we are….in a funny way.” “Define funny way.”
  • Q: Did you ever take anything from set?
    A: “No, we borrowed a few things.” Oliver hopes they’ll eventually present him with his wand. He has a framed bag from the joke shop in his house…Next to that is George’s ear [lol].
  • Q: Soooo, you’re not actually ginger. What was it like dying your hair for so long?
    A: They dyed their hair every three weeks for ten years. “The worst part wasn’t dying our hair, but bleaching our eyebrows.” Once an intern left the bleach in too long and they had to draw in eyebrows for a couple of scenes 😮
  • Q: If you were a Snitch in a muggle game of Quidditch, what would you strategy be?
    A: “Run like hell.”
  • Q: What scenes did you have to do the most takes?
    A: (paraphrasing) In the first big feast scene, there was real food and it was delicious. Everyone around me was taking small bites and I was thinking, “What are you doing?!” I stuffed my face. And then around Take 24, I realized what they were doing.

So those are most of the questions that were asked! They also did this “game,” where the moderator asked them questions and they were to answer at the same time. AND THEY WERE THE SAME PERSON. Literally the answers came all at the same time. When they hestitated, they both hesitated. It was awesome. 

Finally, the Photo Op

After the Panel, the Photo Ops started. There were over 500 people there, ready to get their pictures taken with the twins. We waited in line for two hours and the picture-taking process was about 6 seconds. But those were six seconds of bliss. All I could think was that Fred and George’s arms were around me and my arms were around them. WHO EVEN AM I. But really, it was awesome.

And then Oliver thanked me for coming and I looked into those beautiful eyes and said, “No, thank you.” It’s sounding waaay more dramatic in my head than it probably was…but, you know. It was a good moment. So here’s that photo:


*Sigh* I miss them already. We had a connection, you know?

  • Tina Powers

    I’m so happy for you! They seem like really great guys, I hope you didn’t miss too much in those classes you had to ditch. 🙂

    • They were hilarious and awesome, hahaha. And as for the classes, it’ll be okay. I made up one of my quizzes before I left so everything is good! 🙂

  • This post made me feel so happy inside. I would love to go to Comic Con some day. I would seriously die to watch the panel for Once Upon a Time. My heart skips a beat thinking about it. I love the picture you got. Are you going to frame it?! 😀

    • I know that these two and Rupert Grint (Ron) were all in Canada for Comic Con a few weeks agooo…and I know Canada is a giant place so they very well might not have been close to you, but you know. Just thought I’d share, lol.

      It was seriously so wonderful though. I went for the sole purpose of meeting them and I probably missed out on part of the experience because I didn’t dress up. But I’m okay with it.

      What you can’t tell is that in this picture, my mind is freaking out, saying: “Oh my gosh, they’re arms are around me. Oh my gosh, my arms are around *them.* Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.”

      • You’re right, I totally can’t tell. You look very cool, calm, and collected ;). I, on the other hand, would have been a sobfest.

  • WOW I am so jealous! This sounds like such a magical day. I bet they felt the connection too, they just didn’t want to make all the other people there jealous by announcing their ultimate love for you! 🙂