Looking Back: August 2015

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looking back

AUGUST IS DONE. The last month of summer. Aka the month of craziness. Let’s talk about what happened because there seems to be quite a lot.

What I…

Finished: My internship! Woohoo. I’m officially an ex-intern which basically makes me a real adult, yes? It was really just a wonderful internship. I learned a lot. I improved in my professional writing skills. I worked with a real company and real businesses. It was just a very valuable experience for me and I’m grateful for it.
Hated and Thoroughly Procrastinated: Packing. I literally hate packing so, so much. My new roommate (who’s from my hometown) has been packing all summer, slowly but surely. I, however, started packing two days before I had to leave. And the first day, I barely did anything so really it was just all the day before. It was awful. I don’t know why I hate it so much. But I do.
Drove 22 Hours For: I drove back to school! Which is twenty-two hours from my hometown. So that means twenty-two hours in the car. There were four total drivers so I never actually drove a ton…but the time I spent not-driving was almost worse just because it was so boring. I was hoping to read a lot…but that didn’t really happen. But now I have a car at school which is a wonderfully freeing thing.
Got Ready For: School. Yes, my four-month break is over and I’ve been getting ready. Mostly by doling out hundreds of dollars for textbooks and thousands of dollars for tuition. No big deal, you know.

What I’m Excited for in September

  • School. This is something I’m both dreading and getting excited for. When you read this, I’ll be in classes on my first day. I just like the routine of school and I like learning new things…yes, I’m definitely a nerd, but that’s okay. I probably won’t be preaching this same story in a few weeks.
  • Some of my classes! This is kind of similar, but I’m taking some classes that I’m super excited for this semester. Like a Juvenile Literature course (uhhh read YA books for homework? Count me in!) and Astronomy (uhhh stargazing for homework? Yaassss)! And then there are some others which I’m not too excited about (*cough History cough*)…but that’s just because I’ve never been super good at history. But I’m hoping for the best.
  • I’m going to meet Sarah J. Maas! If you look below, you’d know that I binge-read Maas’s books this month. Like half of the books I read are by her. But that’s because Queen of Shadows comes out tomorrow! And then she’s coming near me on Thursday! WOOHOO. I love meeting authors…even though I’m probably going to be super intimidated and barely say anything.
  • Start of BYU football season. I’m not that sporty of a person. I swam in high school and played soccer when I was younger…but that’s it. My dad, however, has always been a football enthusiast. So when I came to BYU over two years ago, he made sure I bought a student pass. And then that first year…I went to a grand total of zero football games. But last year, I went to almost all of the home ones! And they were so fun! I don’t really like watching football on TV but in person is awesome.

What I Read

the assassin's blade everything everything a little in love the wrath & the dawn throne of glass crown of midnight cinder

Bookish Updates

Books Read this Month: 7
Pages Read this Month: 2,656
Books Read this Year: 59/100
Pages Read this Year: 19,670

Book Reviews

Other Posts I Wrote (AKA Other Posts You Should Read)

Now it’s time to kick September’s butt. How was August for you?