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Hey everyone! I’m Andrew here from Endlessly Reading, and today i’m here to share my Gif Review of Throne of Glass! Let me tell you before the giphyness commences, if you haven’t read Throne of Glass –like me– pick it up IMMEDIATELY! This is a book and series you do NOT want to miss!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

After several –failed– attempts throughout the year, i brought it with me on vacation. I have to say it’s a bit slow in the beginning because you’re just getting the feel of the story, so everything is processing slowly. Keep in mind this is a high fantasy, world building is key so thought process and feel is important to understand everything about the world.

And then it got HELLA interesting once they got to Rifthold -‘The Glass Castle‘-

Damn Celaena is sass-Y, you best keep your distance.

My ship sailed so early. It happened when they arrived, it happened with a single act of a simple letter. A stack of his favorite books for conversation later. Dorian, you sailed my ship. Sorry Chaolaena lovers, I am a Celorian.

And then they started dying…. why- how- who is gouging out their eyes, clawing their heart and splitting them open.

If not then you might be nightmare-free from the Ridderak. What i imagined of this strange-otherworldy-demonic-dog-cat-creature-thing creeped me the heeelll out! Tunnels and Ridderak’s and cains and dungeons, Oh My!

Kaltain. Perrington. Cain. The King. Everyone that was mean to Celaena… ‘Go Shit In Your Hand!’

If there was a way to explain the way i felt as i read Celaena get tortured by demons, beat by a demonized-ultra-ahole-Cain and have Dorian and Chaol stand there unable to do anything tore me apart. Ugh, Celaena girl, you can do this!

This is what Elena practically did, even though she’s not Gandalf


Elena + Celaena =????????? CONFUSION, QUESTIONS, WHAAAAAAAA-

I SANK WITH MY SHIP *cries… for eternity*



Throne of Glass is now one of my most favorite books EvEr! It is far up on the list of my favorites *TOP 5-10* I can’t tell anyone how much of an epic fantasy novel this is. If you would like a badass, sasstastic, assassin MC and action heavy, sprinkles of romance and bestie relationships. Secrets and great world building, pick this up, NOW!

Thanks for having me on your blog Carlisa!


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  • Haha this is such a great idea. The Gandalf one was so spot on. LOL