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Top Ten Tuesday

This Top Ten Tuesday prompt is about one of my favorite things: authors. Authors that I love, specifically. Authors that I’ve read over and over and over again. Repeat offenders of writing great books. It’s the ten authors that I’ve read the most books from. So, I turned to Goodreads (Goodreads is my savior for TTT posts) and literally just went through my read shelf, sorted it by author and counted the amount of books I had for each. I was actually surprised by some of these numbers…Some of them not so much. So let’s get to it:

Six Books

Jane Austen
Lauren Oliver
Brandon Sanderson
Laurie Halse Anderson

Eight Books

C. S. Lewis
J. K. Rowling

Nine Books

Meg Cabot (9)
Sarah Dessen (12)
Nicholas Sparks (13)
Jodi Picoult (14)

Which Author…

Surprises Me the Most: Meg Cabot. I haven’t read anything by her in years. Honestly, though, I think I’ve read more than this. I only have the first and the tenth Princess Diaries books listed on there, but I’m fairly sure I read more than that. I don’t think I’ve read the entire series…but still. So there may have been more than 9! I read the three Queen of Babble series and I remember liking that! Although it was back in 2010 and I don’t remember much from it.

Shames Me the Most: Nicholas Sparks. I really liked him before. And I’m not trying to shame anyone who does like him now…I just don’t anymore. But I used to read basically all of his stuff. As I’ve read more, I’ve just come to dislike his predictable plot lines. But, hey, it took me thirteen books to come to this conclusion so there must be something there.

Makes Me Nod My Head: Jodi Picoult. I went through a big Jodi Picoult phase, as you can tell. I’ve read 14 of her books, and I don’t even think that’s all of them. She is a book writing machine, I’m telling you. She writes some really intriguing stuff, though. All or most of them focus on an event that happens that leads to a court case. And I find that a really interesting way to explore a story. The “event” happens before we turn the first page and then we–like the audience in the courtroom–have to find the facts and evidence to place together what really happened for ourselves.

Makes Me Wish I Had More to Read: Jane Austen. Love her to death and I wish there were more novels for me to get my hands on from her. There are a ton of re-tellings by different authors but they just can’t really compare to the real deal of Jane herself.

Do I Plan to Read More…and More…and More…: Brandon Sanderson. He also has a bajillion books that are all a bajillion pages each. And I hope to read them all. Just kidding, but not really. No, I’m not kidding at all. Dead serious. All of them. Okay, moving on.

Have you read a lot of these authors too? Or do you not like them? Let me know in the comments!

  • Great list!

    I forgot about Nicholas Sparks on my list. Although I have to say I prefer the movie adaptations over the books *hides*

    • DON’T HIDE, the movie adaptations are *wonderful.* I haven’t seen the newest one but they’re all really good. And it doesn’t hurt that there’s always one of my super attractive celebrity crushes playing the lead (*cough James Marsden, Zac Efron, and Liam Hemsworth cough*)

  • Rissi

    Great way to put this together, Carlisa. I’d like to read more Austen, but I just haven’t been able to get past the difference in style (then vs. today). But considering I adore the British adaptations (series/movies), I’d love to read her books. Still like Nicholas Sparks… despite those cliché storylines. And believe me, I know what you mean. 🙂

    • Yeah that’s the trouble with older books like that. I struggle with Dickens for the same reason. He has beautiful stories and characters…but sometimes it’s hard to understand both how they speak and how they live in their culture. But if you ever get the chance, I’d say read Austen. Her stories are very applicable to today also.

      And I’m glad you still like Sparks haha. He has some great stories that I sincerely like. Like The Last Song, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember. I do really like those ones. I read The Bend in the Road a few years ago and I guessed the big surprise ending from the first moment I met a certain character. And so I haven’t read another one of his since.

  • literaryfeline

    I haven’t yet read all of Jane Austen’s books, but I want to. I’ve loved everything I have read by her so far. J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis . . . I love both of their works that I have read. I have only read one Nicholas Sparks’ book and I liked it quite a bit. I haven’t been tempted to read more by him though. I enjoyed the Picoult books I have read, but I doubt I will ever read her entire backlist. Not all of her books appeal to me, I’m afraid.

    I love the way you formated this post, by the way–reflecting on your choices like you did. 🙂

    • You should keep reading Jane Austen! My favorites (right now) are Persuasion and, of course, Pride and Prejudice. But I also just love them all. I’ve been itching for a re-read soon!

      And I totally understand what you said about Picoult. She’s not for everyone and that’s 100% okay. Have you read the Storyteller, though? That’s probably my favorite of hers and it’s one of her newer ones.

  • Jane Austen and JK Rowlings made my list as well. I agree – it’s a shame Austen didn’t have time to write more…

    My TTT:

    • Yessss, it is. I’ve heard she has some short stories out there that I haven’t read yet. And I also haven’t seen all of the movie adaptations which I NEED to watch. The stories are so beautiful it makes up for the small number of books.

  • Wendy Gassaway

    I like the categories you put them into! There were a few mystery series that I had no idea I’d read so much more of than other authors I think of as favorites.

    • Yeah it’s really surprising when you separate it and actually count them out! Like I said, I was suuuper surprised to see Meg Cabot on my list since I haven’t read her in a long, long time.

      Thanks for visiting!

  • aHhhh Brandon Sanderson SCARES ME. I’ve only read one of his books and I loved it (The Final Empire) but OMG IT WAS SO HUGE. I feel like if I found them on audio I’d do so much better keeping up. XD Ohhh I want to read more Jodi Picoult! That’s another author I’ve only read one from but totally love. (House Rules, for that one! :D) I need read more. *nods* I love how you set out your post! Here’s my TTT!

    • He totally scares me too. His books are MASSIVE. And if you’ve read The Final Empire you absolutely HAVE to keep going with the trilogy! The end of Hero of Ages is gorgeous and brings everything together in a way that made me freak out because it was so amazing. And you’re also a book-gobbling monster who I will always stand in awe of…so you could probably knock them both out in two or three days tops.

      Anyways, yesssss. Jodi Picoult is wonderful. She’s definitely not one I can binge read because her books start to run together in my head. But you should read some more. The Pact is the first one I read from her so it sticks out in my mind the most…but it’s heart-breaking and tragic…so if you’re up for that! Or Salem Falls…the last page blew my mind.

      But anyways, Cait, you’re awesome. And I kind of fan-girled when I saw that you commented on my blog today because you’re like a giant book blogging wizard and I’m a lowly book blogging hobbit. Just sayin’.

    • ALSO. I just remembered The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. It’s one of my favorites of hers and it’s just beautiful.

  • MeezCarrie

    I love how you organized your list – so pretty! – and how you elaborated on your thoughts 🙂 I really need to read more Jodi Picoult… My TTT

  • Zed Amadeo

    I’m happy I wasn’t the only one who was surprised by which authors we’ve read the most books from. We share JK Rowling! Also, I think The Magician’s Nephew will forever hold a place in my heart

  • I am majorly impressed that you have read so many Brandon Sanderson novels. His books have been on my TBR for so long, but there ginormous size has scared me. I am not surprised that you have read so many Meg Cabot and Jodi Picoult books. I have read a couple of their books, and they are so good that they go by before you even realize that you have finished. And then you have read a dozen of them and it seems like you just started.