Guest Post: Emily’s Book Blogging Journey

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Hello everyone! Today I’m featuring Emily from AlwaysOpinionatedGirl! She’s sharing her year-long blogging journey. Here we go!

Emily’s Blogging Journey

Every journey starts with a single step, so states the famous saying. The first step of my blogging journey would have been at around 10 at night whilst I was babysitting. Sure, before I took that step I’d done plenty of planning, or at least I thought I had. I’d read a whole load of book blogs and studied loads of posts about setting up a blog. I’d decided on the what my first post was going to be and I’d written my about page. I had chosen a blog name, after much deliberation and debating with myself. I’d even chosen my server (WordPress) and picked the theme of my blog’s layout. All I had to do was take that first step and make a blog.

Once I had taken that first step and actually made my blog, it was time for the tricky bit, sticking with it. I originally started by joining in with two challenges as a good way of making some commitments which could be recorded through my blog. Then, I did very typical book bloggy stuff and wrote reviews and did tags.

I took, what felt like a big step for me when I interviewed my first author, a Wattpad author who was being published for the first time. This was terrifying as I had to interact in a semi professional way with other human beings, even if it was just via the internet.

I then joined in with a meme, Top Ten Tuesday, which I would totally recommend.  I don’t really participate much anymore as I’m so busy, but I find memes a great way to come up with content and meet other bloggers. Other people criticize these and I get that only posting memes isn’t the best idea, but overall I think they’re a good idea because if you put effort into them, they can be super interesting to read

I continued very much in the same way for a while before I joined Bloglovin which was fab as it allowed me to reach others I hadn’t previously been reaching and helped me discover new blogs to read

Then I started a new segment that was completely original to my blog, which I was super excited about and helped me to generate lots of traffic. I interviewed a range of popualr authors I enjoy reading on Wattpad and featured them on my blog, as a way of connecting book blogging and Wattpad. As well introducing book bloggers to Wattpad, I also received lots of views from fans directed by the Wattpad authors themselves, meaning these posts are my most widely read.

Then next big step in my journey was getting Twitter. This is possibly the best decision I made in relation to book blogging. It has opened me up to so many opportunities and allowed to me to contact people I couldn’t previously. I am now 100% addicted to Twitter and can’t even remember what blogging was like without.

The final and most recent of the steps in my blogging journey is hosting my first blog event with An Overthinking Teenager. We hosted the week long event called the Blog Olympics which over 50 people participated in. It contained discussion posts, Twitter chats, competitions and giveaways. It was the most fun and fingers crossed will happen again next year.

So there you have it, there is my year long blogging journey in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. It made me very nostalgic to write.

Find Emily

Find Emily’s blog AlwaysOpinionatedGirl here. Follow her on Twitter here. And find her on Bloglovin’ here!

Thanks so much for joining us today Emily!