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Today we continue with the Summer Blogger Promo Tour with Vivian from Beaute’ De Livres or Beauty of Books. She is a very active blogger and social media-er (that’s not a real world, but I feel like a verb should exist for this..). And she is a reading machine! I swear every time I go on Goodreads, she’s finished with another book. I’m super jealous of her speed-reading prowess. Anyway, for today’s promo, I asked her some questions and she so wonderfully answered them. So get to know Vivian and check out her blog!

Introduce Yourself and Your Blog

Vivian is a Book Blogger from Sydney, Australia. Vivian started Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books to fuel her book obsession and getting other people that understand her obsession a very welcomed surprise. With her Kindle in her bag always Vivian will read anything you throw at her. Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books is a bag of mixed goodies. Her reviews range from genre to genre (But mainly Romance because she is a MASSIVE sap). Beaute’ De Livres – Beauty of Books is like a mixed bag of lollies, there are reviews, giveaways, weekly memes; basically a whole lot of things and thoughts.

When and why did you start blogging?

I am VERY new at blogging I only started in April when I realised my fascination and obsession for reading wasn’t being appreciated. I know it sounds weird. I don’t mean it, like I wanted people to appreciate me for reading but rather I wanted to share my appreciation for books and blogging and interacting with the bookish community seemed the best way to do that.

What’s your favorite part of book blogging?

Reading!!! LOL is that a valid answer!!?? I feel like that may be too obvious, so I would say my favourite thing is the friends I have made. Other bloggers, readers, and authors.

What’s your least favorite thing about book blogging?

It’s not my least favourite but sometimes with all the commitments I don’t get to read books on release days.

You can only read 3 books for the rest of your life. What are they?

Couldn’t answer that, even if you paid me a million dollars. Well, maybe…but a million dollars isn’t an offer so I’ve got no answer for you, lol.

Tell us something un-bookish about yourself.

When everybody is reading this post I will be packing for my European holiday – flying out 6am Monday morning.

E-reader or physical books? Why?

I love both. Physical books because they speak for themselves–holding that book in your hands and smelling the pages..nothing beats that. My e-book is my lifesaver. Great for traveling and also light and compact so I can read whilst with my son. If it is an actual book, he will try and grab it whereas with the e-book I can read more and he may not notice it is there.

What’s your favorite post that you’ve written?

I have a few but I will only pick one: To all who are different we are the same

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently re-reading Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn and the sequel Out of Time that was just released on Thursday.

Thank you so much for sharing the spotlight on you blog

Ciao Ciao Peeps

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