Guest Post: Brittany’s Bookish Pet Peeves

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Hey guys! Kicking off this Summer Blogger Promo Tour is Brittany from Brittany’s Book Rambles. She is awesome and is here to write about her bookish pet peeves. So here we go!

Brittany’s Bookish Pet Peeves

If I would just tell the truth…

I hate when a plot is moved forward by the main character keeping a huge secret/lying to their significant other because, “It’s for the best.”


This drives me absolutely mad. I’ve seen this again and again. Why is this even a plot device? Is it ever for the best? NO. Has it only caused more problems amongst the characters? YES. Then one lie snowballs into another and another, until the climactic moment where the other characters feel betrayed by the protagonist and all trust is shattered and then bring in the stupid, irrational, and overly emotional “heroic” acts.


To fangirl over any fictional couple whether it’s a book or a movie, I need to see them fall in love. I need to be there. I want to see all the bumps and bruises. All of the fumbling. I need to feel like it’s happening to me. Not BOOM! They saw each other for three nanoseconds and that’s it. They are each other’s destiny! Ugh. *Pukes* No thanks.tumblr_mykzo6jf7i1rfc4j2o5_500

Romanticized Villans

I don’t mind a villain with a sympathetic back story but I hate it when it’s like “Oh, he was traumatized and that’s why he did that. All’s forgiven! Even though he did try to torture me and he killed my dog.” If he’s actually the bad guy (not to be confused with anti-hero or a villain under duress) that did unforgivable things then let him bad and keep my protagonist from falling in love with him/her.4a9df-hairflip_by_dreamworks_charming-d5qduik (1)


About Brittany

NYC Blogger of Brittany’s Book Rambles. Brittany is a self-proclaimed bookworm, Grisha, Potterhead, Dauntless, Fangirl, and excessive rambler. She is shameless in her love of the written word. No matter where she is, most of the time you can find at least one book in her purse. On Brittany’s Book Rambles you’ll find book reviews, giveaways, and fun memes such as Forgotten Fridays and Books vs. Movies.



Thanks so much, Brittany, for joining me on my blog today. I have never thought much about the Romanticized Villians, but that’s so true! Also, with the insta-love. Yes, just yes. I want to feel the tension, see the relationship grow as the two grow together. Great list and, again, thank you.

  • I agree with all your picks, the most with #1. Whenever characters keep secrets because “it”s for the best” I just want to slap them. It’s always so obvious that the author puts this in the story to generate more drama which just makes me so angry. I ship nearly all couples like crazy but instalove is a huge no-no for me. Actually it ruined quite a few books for me. Ugh, I hate romanticized villains.

    Lovely post! 🙂

    • Instalove has ruined some books for me, too. It just doesn’t seem realistic at all. I want to feel the tension! I want to see the emotions building on each side! Agh!

  • LOL I’m dying for that hair swooping GIF.

    I also hate when characters keep secrets. Whyyyyyyyy? Such a time waster.

    • I KNOW, that gif is the best lol.

  • Thanks for having me! The post looks great<

    • Don’t worry Brittany. I didn’t notice it until you said something! But great post! I’m glad to have you on my blog 🙂

  • I feel like instalove appeals to some people. Those romantic souls dream for a day when their eyes meet another’s and they know instantly that they’re soul mates…But I think for people who read a lot, it comes off as underdeveloped and unrealistic. I personally like the tension that comes from people slowly realizing their feelings…and it’s so much more realistic!