You Know You’re Addicted to the Library When…

Posted June 27, 2015 by Carlisa in Bookish Thoughts, Let's Talk / 7 Comments

Signs You're Addicted to the Library

Hey y’all. I’m here to make a confession to you. After all, this is the Confessions of Carlisa…

Hi, my name is Carlisa and I’m addicted to the library.

“Hi, Carlisa” -said by imaginary group of various different kind of book addicts surrounding me sitting in fold out chairs.

But, seriously, the library is wonderful. A huge blessing in my life. Free books, galore. Also, the library back at my school provides me with a job and income. So it’s great!

But recently, I realized I had a problem. I’m addicted to the library. Here’s how I know:

When I go home for the summer or even for Christmas break, I start putting books on hold like three weeks in advance. It happens every time. I gotta prepare, you know?

I usually have at least five books on hold for me at all times (some waiting lists are forever long, people! Act while you can!).

Then I go on online book-holding sprees and put like eight more on hold. Online library catalogs make this SO easy. You see the book you want and all you have to do is press the little “Hold” button and Wa-la! Your name is on the list and your heart is slightly more satisfied. And if you wanted to know, these sprees probably look something like this:

And then at least seven of those eight books come in at once. Seriously, the last time I went in to pick up three books that were ready for me, lo and behold, four more had come in on that same day. Four more. And at first I’m like this:

But then I quickly realize I now have seven more books to read, not even including my review books or other physical ones. Once this realization hits, I’m more like this:

But then I think, heck, who am I kidding. The more books the merrier! And then I love them again.

And then the two week deadline hits and you have to renew like seventy percent of them…


And then I get a call, and I know just by looking at the number that it’s the library. I KNOW THE LIBRARY’S NUMBER JUST BECAUSE OF THE AUTOMATED “YOUR HOLD IS IN” MESSAGES THAT ARE VERY FREQUENT CALLS OF MINE.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I have my library card number memorized as well. Fourteen random numbers are forever engraved in my brain because of my online library browsing.

But back to the phone call. I receive it and, of course, I go to the library and two or three more books are sitting there, literally waiting for me to love them. I can’t abandon them there! They’re my lovelies. And then, of course, I see an eye-catching title on the shelf and grab it. Because books. And as a result of this continual overlap, my shelves quickly start to look like this:

And there sometimes comes a point (like earlier today) when I just wonder…Why? Why don’t I just check out a normal amount and then return them on time and then check out more? I should just return these last ones I have and start over with a clean slate…

And then later (aka like an hour ago) I realize I still really want to read them and if I returned them, I’d have to wait on that darned 20-person waitlist again…So, nope. Keepin’ them. Because they’re free and they’re beautiful and they’re waiting for me.

So I go through this cycle but ultimately, I realize I don’t care. My name is Carlisa and I’m a proud library addict.

And, also, just because I feel as if it’s necessary in a post like this:

  • Yeah for some reason I have a hard time buying that many books. I LOVE books and hardcover, new books are my absolute favorite because they’re just so beautiful…but I’m super picky when it comes down to it. I guess it also depends on my mood because sometimes I’ll be in a bookstore for like 30+ minutes and leave empty-handed and sometimes I’ll be in there for like 5 and leave with 2 or more books.

    I think buying makes me nervous because what if I read the book and am not in love with it? I don’t really want to own a book that’s just “meh” for me and that I’ll never read again. So most of the time, I’ll just go to the library and read it and if I love it, I’ll put it on my to-buy list and hopefully ultimately buy it.

    • When some of my friends recommend a book to me they let me borrow their copy and when I love it then I will buy my own eventually 🙂 Although I don’t really worry much about not liking a book I bought because there are so many people in my house that will read it as well and they may like it. And as much as possible I try to shop for bargain books so I don’t feel too bad for spending so much. Haha *face palm*

  • Brianna

    I so know how you feel! I always have at least 4 books on old, most times it’s more. A bunch of books come in on the same day and I sit there and wonder which one I want to read first T.T! The librarians know my sister and I and I too remembered my library card number xD LIBRARIES RULE!

    • Yes, libraries are amazing. And I’m glad I’m not the only one with a memorized library card number and tons of holds on my account!

  • It’s even worse when your librarians are co-dependent enablers! They don’t charge me late fees, hold my books for more than the 3-day pick up window, let me renew the non-renewable, and bring them out to my car in inclement weather! I just call that I’m coming in and then call from the parking lot. Now that I’m doing more ARCs I try not to put more than 5 on hold at a time. We also have electronic books for checkout and you can make a list of what you want, but not put on hold. If I ever need something, which won’t happen, I could just go there for one. We can put holds on e-books, too, or just stick to the “Wish List”. These librarians are worse than bartenders to an alcoholic!

    • Oh my word, if I was a librarian, I would totally be an enabler. “Here, everyone…have ALL the books!” I would say as I danced around handing books out by the stack.

      Your librarians sound AWESOME though. Seriously.

  • That’s awesome! And yes, I check out so many books at once. Today I felt super productive because I went to the library and was returning five books. “Five books!” I thought. “I’m getting through a lot!”

    And then I left with six more. It’s a never-ending cycle, I’m telling ya.