Bookish Instagrams You Need to Be Following

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Bookish Twitter Pages You Need to Be

Last week, I posted Bookish Twitter Pages That You Need to Be Following. And it was so fun to write that now I’m back again with Instagram pages! Because social media is awesome if you’re following the right people. So let’s just get to business with my favorite bookish pages!

[Disclaimer: I’m hoping the pictures will load for you quickly! Be patient with them! Also, sorry for the weird formatting. I tried to make them match but the embedded Instagram photos all had minds of their own]

The Best Bookish Instagram Pages

The Strand Bookstore
This just looks like the most beautiful bookstore in NYC. And I just want to go. So I love, love, LOVE these pictures of books and author events and just wonderful things.

Subway Book Reviews Whoever runs this page literally just finds people on the subway with books and asks them about it. And it’s wonderful. It’s like Humans of New York, but book style.

Hot Dudes Reading

This one is similar to Subway Book Reviews, except it’s a bunch of pictures of (attractive) guys reading. I think they all happen to be on the subway, but I don’t think that’s a requirement for the pictures. And I’m not one that ogles at boys (really I’m not), but I follow this because it’s funny and awesome. And also reading is one of the first things that will attract me to a boy. Sooooooo, yes. This page.

Dog Book Club Dogs + Books = The Best. Do I even have to say anything else?

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Cat Book Club

And for those who don’t like dogs…here’sΒ the Cat Book Club for all your cat/book viewing pleasure.

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Last Night’s Reading Here they have illustrations and quotes from readings around NYC and it’s actually awesome.


So here are some of my picks! What bookish Instagram accounts do you follow?Β 


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