Happy Birthday (To Me)!

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Hello all my lovely readers. Seriously,  you’re lovely. Anyways, I have exciting news. I don’t know how exciting it is for you, but it’s pretty exciting for me… Drumroll, please! *badabadabadabadabadabada* (FYI, that’s a drumroll sound). IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. Yes, blogosphere. Today Carlisa turns twenty. You heard me right: The big 2-0. Which doesn’t change many things in my life except that I’m now able to say “I’m 20,” rather than “I’m 19.” It sounds like a big difference to me, no? But since I’m now 20 (*smiling because I can now say that*), I figured I would post 20 random facts about me. Because I love learning about the bloggers behind the blog. So I’m letting you get to know me, too.

  1. Actually everywhere besides my blog, I go by Carli. Carlisa is my real name, but I’ve just always been Carli to people. I think that’s mostly due to the fact that no one knows how to pronounce it. It’s Car + Lisa, btw. But I kind of love that you all call me Carlisa. So keep doing it.
  2. I’m an English major, minoring in Editing and (maybe) Digital Humanities. I’m about to enter my junior year (What. I’m an upperclassmen in college now. What the heck. What is my life?)
  3. I’ve been reading for always. My mom tells me that I taught myself to read, but I have no recollection of that. If I did, then that makes me pretty awesome though, so let’s go with that. In third grade, I remember having a huge affinity for the American Girl Doll series. Then in 4th grade, I moved on to bigger and better things…aka Harry Potter.
  4. In middle school, I loved Twilight. And I mean loved. I remember my 8th grade English teacher asking us what we wanted to be and I told her “the next Stephenie Meyer.” This was before the movies and before the craze and my teacher didn’t even know who she was but…still…*Bows head in shame.*
  5. I swam in high school. I moved to Indiana right before my freshman year so I knew no one. But when I joined the swim team, I got a family. And it was wonderful. And also so hard. But wonderful.
  6. I play the piano! It’s my destressor (is that a word?). I took lessons in elementary school for like a year and then…quit. But I started back up my junior year of high school (so…four years ago?) and haven’t stopped since. Seriously, I love it so much.
  7. I have the cutest nephew in the whole world. Seriously. He’s the best and the cutest. Don’t try to argue with me. I love him so much.
  8. My favorite show probably ever is Parks and Recreation. It’s the best. And it gives me a reason to feel cool when I say I’m from Indiana. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it. I love and care for each of the characters, so treat them well.
  9. I’m currently interning at a marketing company back home in Indiana. I help write social media and blogs for different companies!
  10. I would absolutely love to work in publishing. But I also don’t think I’d be able to live in NYC and that’s where all of the big publishing houses seem to be, so we’ll see what happens there.
  11. I have two fluffy Pomeranians.
  12. I used to play World of Warcraft in elementary school and (I think) a little of junior high. This one always shocks people a little bit as I definitely don’t seem the type. Also I played Runescape back then, too. I just remembered that.
  13. I was valedictorian of my high school class. Well, there were eight of us valedictorians…But I was one of them.
  14. I used to play violin and I super regret quitting because it’s a beautiful instrument.
  15. I’m realizing that coming up with twenty facts is a lot harder than it sounds.
  16. Concerts I’ve Attended: Christina Perri, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift (back in her first album, big hair, country songs day), Bastille (so good!), Andy Grammar, Birdy, Ella Eyre, and Train!
  17. I went to Spain and Morocco during my senior year (I NEED TO GO AGAIN. Seriously someone take me baaaaaaack). I rode a Moroccan camel in Morocco. Not many people can say that, huh?
  18. I have two brothers and two sisters and am smack in the middle, with one of everything.
  19. I’ve lived in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana (before going to school in Utah)…So I am very much a Midwestern girl.
  20. I’m type 1 diabetic. Shoutout to all your pancreases that actually work.
YES. I did it. Twenty facts about me. There you go. Now we’re all practically best friends because you know everything about me.

  • Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a fantastic day. PS LOL at number 15! x

  • Jessica Samuelsen

    Happy Birthday! Blogger friend! 20’s are so fun! What are you going to do to celebrate? Love the facts.

    • Thank you! I had a small party with my family and it was so fun 🙂