Looking Back: May 2015

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looking back

Ah, May. What an eventful month. Let me get straight down to business without the fluffy “where-has-the-year-gone” nonsense that I usually include here. Okay, now that I’ve brought it up though, WE ARE IN THE SIXTH MONTH OF THE YEAR. Bah. In six more months it’ll be 2016! … Okay, now that I did include that fluffy “where-has-the-year-gone” nonsense, let’s get down to business.

What I…

Started: My internship, yay! I’m interning for a marketing company as a content intern. So I help by writing and formatting blogs, writing and scheduling social media posts, and researching companies and their competitors. So basically stuff that I love. And so far, I like it a lot. I like that I can use my writing and blogging skills professionally and towards something meaningful.
Won: Um I won a Taylor Swift costume contest without really. trying. I went to a Taylor Swift birthday party (because she was turning 22 so obviously this was going to happen) and since I have blonde curly hair and I wore red lipstick…I won. Waddup.
Got Awkwardly Nervous But Freaked Out About: Meeting Sarah Dessen! She’s been one of my favorite authors since I was in…what? 7th Grade. It was awesome and she was hilarious. Read more about the event here.
Hung Out With: My nephew. He is seriously the cutest and now he’s walking and laughing all over the place. My favorite thing about him is that he loves to have people read to him. He’ll just bring you all these books and sit in your lap while you turn the pages. After the first maybe two pages, he’ll take control and start turning them himself. Even if you’re in the middle of the sentence. One time he kept handing me an empty DVD case thinking it was a book and I had to keep opening it and making up a story for him.
Honestly Did: Not that much. And it felt nice after being in school for so long. I did my internship. I worked part-time at the local Y. I read a lot. And that’s really all I did.

Books I Read…

because you'll never meet me the winner's curse fangirl's guide the 5th wave i was here hold me like a breath magic study the treatment saint anything the royal we the program neverland

I read a lot of books this month! My favorites are: Saint Anything, The Program, and the 5th Wave!

Reviews I Wrote:

As you can see, I wrote a lot more reviews than I normally do. This is because I read a lot more than I normally do. No school FTW.

Other Posts I Wrote…

Top Ten Tuesdays

I find it slightly ironic that the post about the books I’m not going to read brought more views to my blog in one day than ever before…What does that say about when I talk about the books I do read? Aka every single other post, haha.

Fairy Tale Fridays
Other Bookish Things I Posted

So…basically I wrote a lot of posts. More posts than I ever have in my life in a month. But it was fun and I loved it.

What I’m Looking Forward To in June…

  • MY BIRTHDAY. Heck to the yes. I’m turning 20. I feel like 20 sounds a lot older than 19. It’s probably not going to feel any different, but hey. This is officially my third decade of life. Ew that makes it sound really old.
  • Writing more discussions. I did a ton of reviews this month. Which is great. My Netgalley percentage is finally reasonable and I’ve read a lot of great books. But discussions are fun. And they’re my favorite things to read on other blogs. So so so I need to write more on my own. I sometimes come up with ideas and then I’m too critical of them and they end up dying before it even happens. But no more. At least I’m going to try not to do that anymore. If you have any discussion ideas or interesting things I should explore, let me know!
  • Getting a new car. YAY. I haven’t had a car out at school and it’s been terrible. And so now, I’m buying a new (to me) car. It’s even going to have my name on the title. I know, I’m a big shot. Anyways, I’ve been car shopping for a few weeks and I finally picked it out yesterday. Either this afternoon or tomorrow, it’ll be official! *squeals*

How was May for you? Are you looking forward to any fun things in June?

  • Congrats on the new car! I got mine a year ago and it still feels like a brand new baby haha. I love discussion posts but haven’t written many recently! I tend to throw an idea in the drafts and move on for a long time haha. I need to get going on fleshing some of them out.