On the Importance of Tomorrowland

Posted May 24, 2015 by Carlisa in Let's Talk, Let's Talk Movies / 2 Comments

let's talk moviesSo. Tomorrowland. I went to it with no intentions to write a blog post about it. I went to it thinking, you know, it’s Disney and I love Disney so I’ll like it. I honestly had no expectations. All I knew about it is that it has George Clooney in it and it’s based on that little section of Disney World. But I came out of the theater inspired and feeling just so good. Tomorrowland has a message that in all honestly everyone should hear. 

Now I don’t want to give away anything else because I want you to go see if you so choose and spoilers are one of the worst things in the world (up on the list next to humidity and _________). So I’m going to be very vague and not really reference the movie that much. Just talk about the messages I got from the movie and why I feel it’s important.

Everyone is important. I know this sounds very cliché and kinda cheesy. I get that. But the movie wasn’t portrayed in a way that made it cliché or cheesy. As an English major, it’s easy to doubt myself and the good I’m going to do in the world. It’s easy to see those working towards degrees in medicine or social work or engineering and to see the good that they’re very obviously going to do. It’s easy to question my decision to follow my gut and my passion by declaring English. And it’s easy to do that every time someone asks “Oh, you’re an English major? What are you going to do with that, teach?” But no. I need to remember that my skills are important. As someone with a passion for writing, for reading, and for words in general, I need to realize that I’m important. I wouldn’t be here with these passions if it wasn’t. And everyone’s passions are equally important and no one should feel bad about following their heart and doing something they love. We need the dreamers in the world to come out and dream in order for the real advancements to happen.

The world needs to stop revolving around the dollar bill. The value of ourselves should not be based on a piece of paper that we assign the value to. But right now it’s how the world works. The world is greedy, always needing something newer, something better. But what if it wasn’t like this? What if instead of running in place towards a dollar amount that we can never reach…what if we put that energy into actually improving the world? And of course there are many people who do do this. But what if everyone took their best creative energies, what they have to contribute (see above), and focused it on change and improvement and beauty. And I know this is a very broad statement with not a very specific way to accomplish it. But I think if we all focused a little of our energy towards our passion, towards building a brighter future, then things would be better. Would be happier.

George Clooney is a very attractive old man. Oh, did you not get that message? Just me? Okay, moving on. (But for real, he’s what? Like 50 something? But man, he’s a good-looking 50-something year old).

Don’t accept the worst. The movie brings up a really interesting point that we as a culture have embraced the end of the world. We have fully accepted almost a dystopian future, an apocalyptic future. We watch the news almost hungrily, a program that 90% of the time only shows the worst of the world. We see earthquakes and fires and wars and bombs and murders. We eat up all things dystopian, like Divergent or Hunger Games. But why? Why do we do this? Why focus on a terrible future when we are the future? We have the power to change the future by changing little things today. And if we just accept that the world is doomed…if we just sit behind our TV screens while we watch and absorb the very worst our world has to offer…how, how, is the world ever going to improve? We need to be positive. See the good in the world. Because the good is abundant. The good is in the neighbor who always smiles and waves when you drive by. The good is in the those working to build wells in Africa. The good is in your ability to wake up every morning, to get up, and to do something worthwhile. The good is all around us. So why are we focusing on the bad?

So I loved it. I loved it a lot more than I thought I would. I love inspiring messages that can bring people to action. It brought me to my keyboard and it brought these words to you, the reader. It brought me to have a better outlook on my life and my personal decisions. And it brought a hope for the future to a culture who is surrounded by its hopelessness.

These are just three of the messages I got from Tomorrowland. It really was an inspiring movie. It wasn’t just a fluffy Disney movie that will make you feel good inside but not really do much else. It speaks to our culture about our culture. It speaks to today about tomorrow. And it speaks to you about your potential. 

  • Brianna

    I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to see this movie or not but after reading your post I might consider it. These are some great messages :D!!!!

    • Yeah, I felt the same way but went on a whim with my mom. Let me know what you think if you go and see it!