Looking Back: April 2015

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looking back

April is already gone. What. How is this happening? It’s MAY, people. We’re officially 1/3 of the way through the year.

Time is weird.


Stressed/Cried/Procrastinated over: Finals. The word that makes all college students cringe. Finals killed me. Okay, obviously an over-exaggeration because I’m alive…Finals almost killed me. But I survived.
Actually Cried Over: Leaving my friends. I’ve lived in my apartments at college for almost two years and I had to say goodbye to them and to my wonderful roommates and friends. I am the worst at goodbyes. Even though I’ll see most of them again this fall, four months seems like a long time and it was definitely hard to say goodbye.
Attended: General Conference in Utah for my church. It was a wonderful time.
Freaked Out About: My little nephew turned ONE. Oh my goodness, he’s a little squishy ball of cuteness. And now he’s a one-year-old squishy ball of cuteness.
Re-watched: I started re-watching Parks & Rec because I love it. It’s so hilarious even though I’ve seen some of the episodes like 3 times.
Contemplated: Whether or not I should start watching Grey’s Anatomy. One of my roommates loved, loved, loved it and my mom and sister just started it too. My only hesitation is the 11 season commitment and whether I’m ready for that kind of heartbreak (aka I already know what happened in the latest episode)
Was Confused/Angry About: There was a snowstorm in the middle of April. Utah has been so beautiful in the 70s and 80s…and then there was a snowstorm. All. Day. Long. I really felt the worst for the poor tulips that died. RIP tulips.
Accomplished: Going along with the finals…I finished this semester! Literally the hardest semester I’ve had yet. And I finished. In my English class, someone counted how many pages we read for the class…over 2,800 pages. Oh my heck. So many. But I did it!
Did After Finals: I worked a lot and then I packed up all my stuff and then I went to my cousin’s house for the night and then I flew home. After a four-hour delay, I got home around 3:30 in the morning so that was enjoyable. But since then, I started working part-time for the local YMCA and my internship starts Monday so I’ll post more when that exciting stuff kicks off!

Posts I Wrote…

Things I’m Looking Forward To…

  • My internship!
  • I’m going to meet Sarah Dessen in Indianapolis next week on her book tour for Saint Anything!
  • My neighborhood pool opening. Bring on the sun and bring on the loads of sunscreen because I’m super white.
  • Having time for things. Things beside homework and essays and exams.
  • The possibility of going to California for my old roommate’s wedding in August (please cross all your fingers, toes, and eyes that I can make this happen).

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for helping me achieve my highest views ever this month! It’s still a pretty low number…but I’m moving up and that’s all that counts.

May, let’s do this.