Looking Back: February 2015

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looking back

What I did…

Laughed at: If Taylor Swift Lyrics Were About King Henry VIII – Seriously, I love this so much.
Procrastinated: Many, many things. What do you think this blog is for? I think of it as productive procrastination. Some may say that’s an oxymoron, but perhaps you, sir, are the moron. Speaking of procrastinating…I have an essay due at midnight tonight. I’ve procrastinated so much today. It’s terrible.
Stressed Over: I interviewed for an internship back home for the summer. Crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms…what else can be crossed? Um, crossing my…ankles. Okay, anyways.
Excited About: My very first pair of glasses. I’ve always had 20/20 vision but the day has come when that is no longer true. This was the same day that I interview for the internship, so obviously it was a selfie-worthy day.
Died from Cuteness Because: I went to this place called The Puppy Barn and I died from puppy cuteness. Seriously, they were so tiny and you could just pick them up and cuddle with them. I need to go back.
Tried New: Pie shake. Quite literally a pie blended into shake.
Found Love With: My Perfect Man. He’s a chocolate man that my parents have sent me for the past two years. Who needs a valentine when I have him?
Missed: My family. Especially my little baby nephew, Ian. I Face-timed him today and it was wonderful. Just look at that smile and those teeth!

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New Movies Watched

Upside_Down_Poster The Duff Poster

Upside Down (2012) featuring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess is kind of a trippy movie, honestly. There are two planets (Up-top and Down-below) that are so close to each other, but each planet has their own gravity. If you’re from Up-top you gravitate “upwards” and if you’re from Down-below you gravitate “downwards.” And the law forbids them to intermingle. So obviously there’s going to be a star-crossed forbidden love type of thing happening. And let’s look at the names of the lovers, shall we?: Adam and Eden. Eve would have been way too obvious but they make the same point. The acting isn’t the best, but it’s beautifully-filmed and there are so many aesthetically-pleasing moments that just made me want to be there in that moment. I would definitely recommend this movie.

The DUFF (2015) was an interesting movie. My roommate and I went and saw it impulsively on a Friday night because it stars one of our favorite Parenthood stars, Mae Whitman. Honestly, my reaction was a little mixed. My first thought: Why did I just spend $10 on this ridiculousness? But my second thought: There were many moments when I loved that ridiculousness. It was super cheesy, which is something that I secretly (or not so secretly?) love. There were moments of seemingly unneeded crudeness, but I was literally laughing out loud at some other scenes. I think one of my favorite parts was listening to the other movie-goers react to the movie (*gasp!* “I can’t believe that just happened even though it’s been hinted at since the beginning of the movie!”) If you’re looking for a care-free, funny movie: here you go. I think I would have waited until Redbox though.

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New Books Read
persuasion christmas carol 22489107
This month was very loaded down with midterms and craziness. It’s hard when I have so much reading for my English classes to do my personal reading. But I trudge on. And I trudge with about three giant Norton anthologies in my backpack on a daily basis. Fairest seems to be the only personal book that I finished this month. The other two were required for school but I still love them. Also I’m so close to being done with Firefight by Brandon Sanderson. So close, and yet so far. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it by tomorrow. 
But! I have so many books on my nightstand to read next! A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab. The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Bernie Su and Kate Rorick. Vicious by Victoria Schwab. A Magic Dark and Bright by Jenny Perinovic. And Jackaby by William Ritter. 

  • I have a 20/20 vision too but I’m afraid that one day I’m going to need glasses because I’ve been staring at the computer for hours for days on end.
    Upside Down sounds like a good movie but yeah, Adam and Eden? xD
    I have read The Duff but haven’t watch the movie! I’ve heard that it is not similar to the book though which is commonplace for movie adaptions but I heard that this movie was a LOT different. It became more cheesy-er, I think. What is the rumour that you heard about the movie? I am not aware of any rumour. Do tell me! I don’t want to get caught by surprise! xD

    • I’m not actually sure what rumor you’re talking about.
      But did you enjoy the book? I’ve been debating whether or not I should read it.

      • Ooopss, I read wrongly. I thought I saw the word “rumor” instead of “hinted” in ” it’s been hinted at since the beginning of the movie”. I have problems like that sometimes. Seeing words that’s not there. xD Seems like I do need the glasses after all!
        I totally enjoyed the book! You should really read the book. Isn’t it a must to read a book before watching the movie adaption? xD

        • That’s normally my rule of thumb to read the book first, but I didn’t this time! 😮