“God Grew Tired of Us”: A Movie Review

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let's talk moviesI’m back with another film review. For my Writing 150 class, we watched a documentary called God Grew Tired of Us.

First of all – that title: doesn’t it make you interested? God grew tired of them. Doesn’t that make you want to know who they are, what they did to make God not love them anymore? It made me want to know.

The Lost Boys of Sudan. If you’ve never heard of them, look them up. They deserve to be known for what they went through. Let me give you the basics: When the British left the area after trying to colonize, they made two separate territories into what is now Sudan. Obviously, this is going to cause some tension. The country was divided by the Arab north and the Christian and Animist south. In 1987, the mostly-Arab government sent out a decree that all non-Muslim boys, regardless of age, would be killed. They had already come and killed so many people. Most of these boys were without parents, without families at all. The woman were raped, the children beaten and killed, the fathers taken and murdered. It was tragic. When the decree went out, around 27,000 boys – ages from around five to ten years old – walked over 1,000 miles to Ethiopia to escape. 1,000 miles of desert. These boys were emaciated and starving. A lot of them never made it. Those that did were able to stay there three months before the Ethiopian government fell, and the boys were forced to walk back into Sudan and then to Kenya, where they stayed for over a decade in a refugee camp.

The documentary follows three of these lost boys, starting in the Kenyan camp and following them as they make their way into the United States in a refugee program – John, Daniel, and Panther. These boys have seen so much loss, but it was amazing to see how they came to America with such a positive perspective on things. They wanted to make a change. They wanted to work hard so they could send money back to the boys still in Kenya. They wanted to learn. They hoped to find their family back in Africa. They had so much hope. It was amazing.

I bet you have some questions…Did they find their families? How did they react to America? How did the Americans react to them? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “This, my motherland, was beautiful and I can compare it to nothing.”
  • “Shower, how does it look like, shower?”
  • “I left them in a very, very bad place. So, if I get good place, why not them? That’s my question…Anyways, I always pray very hard that God keep them.”
  • “I had thought that God grew tired of people on Earth here, felt tired of the bad deeds, the bad thing that we are doing, yet God is watching on us. I thought God got tired of us and he want to finish us.”
  • “I believe as a person people have different talents and all those talents are serving the community. God does not create me as very tall person for nothing. I have a role to play. I had a duty to do. I was not just born like that. But I was born to do something.
  • “Do you know what we are doing today? We are going to show the society—or the community—of Syracuse that there is war in Sudan and there is something need to be done. We are now remembering those who have died on all those journeys. From Sudan to Ethiopia, from Ethiopia to Kenya, we have to remember. To me, I know I cannot forsake my culture. American people do not know about Africa, but they will know when we show it. So we are here like ambassadors in this country.”

Learn more at their website here.

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