Figuring my Future

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Hey y’all. I realized today that all my posts recently have been for classes. Yes, they’ve been awesome – it’s me we’re talking about here – but, nevertheless, they’ve been for classes. And I know you’re all dying to hear about my hip, cool life. Just kidding – the fact that I just called my life “hip” basically means it’s the opposite. But, I just want to talk about my life, so if you’re ready for it, here I go.

Okay, my life. If you have known me this past year and half, you probably know that I was pretty stressed about my future. Basically, I had no idea what it had in store for me. Whether or not I go on a mission, what I should choose as a major, what I should do as a career, basically everything. I had no idea. And recently, I think I figured it out a little: First, I declared the English major. Woohoo! I honestly have wanted to major in English since junior high, but in the last few years of high school, I was hesitant. Mainly just because AP English was super stressful and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to handle that for four years and then a lifetime. But, then I realized something. I read basically all the time. And writing – especially on this blog, you lucky people, you – lets me express myself in a way I can’t doing anything else. You feeling me, bro? So, I am an English major. Heck to the yes. Also, I’m thinking about double minoring in Editing and Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities looks so cool and interesting. But I won’t declare those until I take the introduction courses.

Also, I should address something. If you are Facebook friends with me, as you probably are if you’re reading this, you’ll know that I was seriously considering doing a study abroad in Britain for this summer. It sounded like such an amazing opportunity, and it was. I would have studied the English language in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Ahh. So amazing. So, I went through the application process, got some references, and even signed up for the final interview. But, alas, it was not meant to be. The process was very rushed…like, I heard about it in my Intro to the English Major class one day, and the application was due seven days later. Super rushed. But my parents were all for it, and I so wanted to do it. But, I prayed about it. I basically said, “Heavenly Father, I want to do this. I’m going to move forward with this. Tell me if I’m wrong.” Not in those words exactly, but you get the gist. And then in the days before my interview, I just had a horrible feeling about it every time I thought about it. So, I figure that was my answer. So, I’m not going this year. I hope to do it in my future if my circumstances still allow.

Another thing: I may have a full-time internship for this summer, but if that works out, I’ll tell you more later.

Oh, yeah, last thing, my old laptop died. Let me tell you a sad tale: here I am, the third day of school, walking to campus. It was snowing, snowing, snowing. Provo was basically a giant block of ice. Up until this point, I was proud of the fact that I had not yet fallen. This sad day…I wiped out a total of three times, not counting the other close calls. But, my first wipe-out was huge. I felt like I experienced it in slow motion – the initial slip, both feet flew into the air, and I landed on my hip bone – hard. I kind of just got up, wiped the snow off my pants, laughed at myself and kept going. Mostly  because there were a lot of people there and it was kind of embarrassing. But, the worst part is, my laptop was in my backpack, and it hit the ground too. Nothing seemed to be the matter with it, until this past week. The entire CD-drive literally fell out of the computer when I picked it up, and then it wouldn’t stay turned on for more than five minutes unless it was plugged in. So, I took it into Geek Squad, and they sent it in, saying it’d be back in two-ish weeks. Alas, I got a call this past Thursday and they told me there was a lot of internal damage that couldn’t be fixed. They gave me credit and I bought a new one. But, I still miss my old one. I never named her, but now that she’s gone, I realize that her name was Patricia. That suits her.

So, here I am: an English major with a brand-new laptop. That’s my life right now. Yipee ki-yay!

  • Debbie Fowler

    Poor poor Patricia!! So sad!! Sounds like things are going good for the most part. You’ve got a strong testimony. You will make the right choices for your career, your life. Love you Carli!!