My Proversary

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Today, November 14th, 2013, is my five-month Proversary.

At this moment, I can picture your face fairly easily: eyebrows slightly bent inwards, eyes marginally squinted, head somewhat turned to the left. Basically, you just have a confused, somewhat concerned expression on your face.

What is a Proversary? you may be thinking. Is Proversary even a real word? Who does this Carli girl think she is, making up strange words? I still want to know what Proversary means…What should I make for dinner tonight? I think I have still have some leftover Cafe Rio. I am so excited about my Sunday afternoon nap.

Oh, wait. I’m sorry. I started with what you were thinking but got distracted with my own thoughts – I really do have some leftover Cafe Rio in my fridge, by the way.

Anyways: Proversary: the Anniversary of how long Carli Cramer has called Provo, Utah my home.

And today is my FIVE-MONTH PROVERSARY. Five. months. 152.184 days (Google is very exact). 219,145 minutes. Holy dang. That’s a long time. I have come to many realizations during this time. Some of which are the reasons why I believe BYU-Provo is honestly the best college out there:


  1. The location – Literally, this campus is surrounded by mountains. Surrounded. It is so beautiful. One of my favorite views ever is the sunset over the mountains in the west. They’re silhouetted in such magnificent colors and beauty. You cannot find that in Indiana (in Indiana, you find…corn). Another one of my favorite things is when I can look up at the mountains at night and see the infinite expanse of stars above them. So, so beautiful…If you have never seen mountains, come visit me, and we can go star-gazing.
  2. The people – Guys, the people here are fantastic. I’m pretty sure this is the ONLY campus that it is socially-acceptable to walk up to any stranger and start up a conversation with them (It’s also probably the only campus that it is socially-acceptable for those two strangers to be engaged within the month, but that’s a different story). Everyone is just SO nice. So nice.
  3. The environment – BYU has a fantastic environment. Mostly, I attribute this to what we students know and love: The Honor Code. The Honor Code has gotten a lot of flack from other people because it seems restrictive and uncalled for. It is completely the opposite. Let me explain a little: The Honor Code is a set of rules that we sign as we apply to get into BYU. We have to remain modest, we have to remain sexually pure and abstinent before marraige, we are not allowed to drink or participate in other illegal substances. Just to name a few. Though people may and do call this restrictive, I appreciate going to a school that enforces a code like this, and I can’t imagine going to a school that doesn’t. I see my friends back in Indiana posting about drinking and partying, and I am so glad that that’s not prevalent here. Don’t get me wrong – I know it still happens, I’m not that naive. But I also know that to find parties like that, you have to go looking for them. And trust me, I’m not looking.
  4. The quality schooling – BYU is a good school. I don’t think anyone can deny that. It has more than 30,000 full-time students, and each year, it’s becoming harder and harder to get it (This past year, they let in only a little more than half the applicants). AND IT’S CHEAP. I think it’s hard for people to appreciate this because they’ve never gone to another school. But coming from a university town in Indiana, I know other universities are dang expensive. We are so lucky, no, blessed to be here.
  5. Finally, BYU’s affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I think this is why I love this school so much. I walk into my Communications class, my American Heritage class, my on-campus job staff meetings, and we all start the same way: with a prayer. How amazing is that? My Psychology teacher brings gospel principles into our discussions. We have weekly spiritual devotionals. I love it so much. Everything that BYU teaches us, they infuse principles in order that we can increase and grow in our testimony. I am eternally grateful for that.

Those are my Top 5 Reasons Why BYU-Provo Is Amazing.

Maybe, someday, I’ll make a Top 5 Reasons Why Indiana is Pretty Good.

Just kidding, I love Indiana. But, really, I might make that list.

Anyways, Happy Five-month Proversary

To me.



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