Busy as a Bee

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Guys, guys. guys, I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post. I haven’t even written since fall semester has started…and I feel like it started forever ago! I think it’s actually been exactly a month since the first day. How crazy is that? My communications professor said this is the third-way point. Ahh.

Let me try to catch you up.

First off, I love Centennial, especially my roommates. They are all awesome. What’s really cool to see is that we are all incredibly different, but we get along (for the most part) incredibly well! We just decorated our apartment a little, started a quote wall, and it’s finally feeling like home. (Wyview, if you’re reading this, I still miss you. I haven’t forgotten you)

Second, I really like almost all of my classes right now. I’m taking seven total: Media and Mass Communication, Music 101, American Heritage, Psychological Sciences, the second half of Book of Mormon, Beginning Volleyball, and Piano.

Psychology is super interesting. I love that we can learn about these concepts and then my professor will turn around and tell us how we can see it for ourselves. I would show you an example, but you would probably look pretty stupid doing some of these things, so I’ll wait until I can just see it in person (hehe).

Communications is also interesting. Today’s world is so media-dominated, and I’m learning about all these theories that enable us to predict how people will act in response to media. Story-time: One day, we walked into class and the first thing we did was fill out a poll asking if we approved of Obama. We either put “yes,” “no,” or “no comment.” (Sidenote: I put no comment because I don’t feel as if I’m informed enough to make an educated opinion). Then, he had us watch a news clip on Syria. After that, we discussed in small groups why we don’t think Obama is doing a good job, and then we discussed it as a large class. After that, he had everyone who said “no” stand up. Probably 90% of the class stood up. Then, my professor asked for all who said “yes” to stand up. I think only six warily got up from their seats. Then, my professor turned around to the board, took a marker, and wrote a big, fat “17.” “That’s how many people said yes when we first walked in.” My mouth just fell open. Oh my heck. ELEVEN people didn’t stand up and own up to how they felt, because of how my professor used media. It doesn’t sound as shocking when I’m writing it down, but it was really cool. Then, he went on to explain theories and what-not that enable him to predict that that would happen. I think that’s pretty awesome. I don’t know about you, but that’s okay.

Volleyball is fun, and I’m basically a professional now. Just kidding. Honestly, I’m probably the worst overhand server known to man. I’m not really even exaggerating that much. My instructor keeps telling me to pretend the ball is Satan and I just have to slap him in the face as hard as I can. She’s speaking to the girl that used to pray for Satan when I was younger, hoping that if someone prayed for him and cared for him, he would repent and not be so evil. Needless to say, I’m still not good at getting that ball over the net. It happens every once and a while, of course, but it’s just not very consistent. Anyways, I’m rambling about overhead passing. I’m such an interesting person.

Then…dun, dun, duuuuun… I’m taking American Heritage. I was super scared to take this class. So many people give it a bad rep, saying it’s the worst class they’ve ever taken, that it’s impossible to pass with an A, that no one can understand it. Goodness gracious, people. BYU gives you so many resources to succeed in this class. We have TA labs every Friday and TA’s are literally available to you all week long in the big American Heritage room in the library. They have games online to help you understand concepts. It just seems like, if you really wanted, there’s no way you can’t succeed, you know? I did just take my first exam for it yesterday, though, so I’ll get back to you when I find out how I did.


Getting off the subject of school, I am really excited for this weekend. Can you guess why?… Conference! It’ll be my first one that I get to see in the Conference Center, and I get to go to the Sunday morning session (thanks, dad). I get to be in the same room as the Prophet! That is amazing! I can’t contain my excitement!

Anyways, I gotta go. I love you all!