The “Homeless Period”

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Hello all.

I am honestly so bad at being consistent with this blog, but oh, well. If you’re reading this, I hope you know me well enough to forgive and love me anyways.

So, I haven’t been in school for a solid two and a half weeks, although it seems much longer than that. I mentioned that I was homeless in my last post, and I definitely was. I slept on the couch, floor, and bed in Alexis’s sister’s apartment. And then we moved to her uncle’s mansion (yes, mansion). Their guest room was probably bigger than my whole new apartment, but, hey, that’s a-okay with me. I guess I lived a luxury homeless life for a few days.

Then, on the 21st I think (a day before I was supposed to…Shhhhh), I moved into my new apartment! It’s taken some getting used to after the super-nice Wyview, but I like it! I have five other roommates. Two of them are going to the Provo Paul Mitchell Beauty School, and the rest of us are going to BYU (which starts tomorrow..Eek).

I’ve decided that not being in school in a university town is so boring. The majority of my summer friends went home for the  break, but I stayed in Provo, which is a great city, but just empty between semesters. And all my friends back home started college, so I was just b-o-r-e-d.

The All-Encompassing List of What I Did During the Break:

  1. Friends marathons – I just started and they are hilarious.
  2. Parks and Recreation marathons – re-watching in preparation for the new season coming out soon!
  3. Started training at the Media Center! (Most exciting part of my break)
  4. Unpacked (mostly)
  5. Biked to the dollar theater to see Man of Steel (super good movie, by the way. Like, everything relates to the gospel)
  6. Met my ward – 246th ward, say what!
  7. Went to Eagle Mountain and hung out with my awesome little cousins.
  8. Stayed up with Alexis until like 2 in the morning taking Photobooth pictures. Scroll down for some amazingly embarrassing pictures.
  9. Started reading the third Work and the Glory – these books are awesome.
  10. Went and saw Now You See Me again in theaters. That movie twisted around my mind when I saw it the first time (I love movies like that) and it was interesting to watch it already knowing what’s going to  happen.

That’s basically all that happened, I think. And don’t you judge me for the amount of TV shows and movies I watched. First of all, the dollar theater is a DOLLAR theater. It’s cheap, so it’s awesome and worth it. And once school starts, I’ll probably never be able to watch TV shows, so I’m taking advantage of my free time while I can.

Now, solely for your pleasure, here are some pictures of what Alexis and I do when we are sleep-deprived:

Start from the bottom right and move from left to right, down to up. It tells a story...
Start from the bottom right and move from left to right, down to up. It tells a story…
So purdy.
So purdy.
We're ugly cartoons..
We’re ugly cartoons..


No caption necessary.
No caption necessary.
Remember that superhero from Fairy Odd Parents? I don't remember his name but he lives in Chincinnati...yeah, we're related. Can you tell?
Remember that superhero from Fairy Odd Parents? I don’t remember his name but he lives in Chincinnati…yeah, we’re related. Can you tell?


Hahaha. Alexis.
Hahaha. Alexis.
We're hot stuff. Literally, like burning up.
We’re hot stuff. Literally, like burning up.





We're 3D and I freaked out. It was scary and eye-hurting.
We’re 3D and I freaked out. It was scary and eye-hurting.