If only it was recorded…

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Hello family, friends, and anyone lucky enough to be reading this blog ;)..

I apologize for the lack of posts; it was not my fault. BYU decided to block my blog from their wifi, so I had zip, zero, zilch access to it since I came here. Lame, right?

It is probably impossible to tell you everything that has happened in the three weeks that I’ve been here, and – let’s be real – who would stay to read a blog post that long? So, I’m just here to say that I LOVE IT. It is perfect and I know I am right where I need to be.

My favorite part is probably the people. Everyone is so nice. There is no other campus where people just walk up to strangers and start conversations with them. Well, there probably are other campuses, but BYU is the only one where people won’t give you weird looks and walk away.

Okay, on the exciting stuff. Since the first week of school, my roommates and I noticed some food missing. Not knowing each other very well, we assumed it was each other. Then, we talked about it, and thought maybe it was some of our friends. Then, last week, when we were at FHE, someone came in and stole my roommate, Blayr’s iPad. Enough was enough and we started locking our door (probably should have done that before, I know, I know). But we STILL notice our food going missing. And it was such random food.

The Thief’s Grocery List

  • My ENTIRE block of cheese
  • Half of a yogurt (the other half was lovingly left in the fridge)
  • Four hotdogs
  • The half piece of bread used to moisten brown sugar
  • A poptart
  • Numerous OREO’s
  • Blayr’s soy milk (which was replaced empty in our fridge)
  • Some mayonaisse
  • Packs of donuts
  • Jam
  • Probably some more things that I haven’t noticed yet

Creepy, right? This girl must have a weird fetish, especially with peanut butter. Anyways, Blayr was in our living room about a week ago with her friend, and a girl walked in, said “Wrong dorm” and quickly walked out. We just laughed about it, thinking how embarrassing that was for her. Sidenote: Today, I found out that Blayr had actually lost her key the second day of school and bought a new one. But, tonight, Alexis (my other roommate) and I walked to FHE, and Blayr stayed behind finishing up some brownies she was baking. The girl must have thought we all had left, because she just walked in, key in hand. She looked at Blayr and quickly ran out the door and down the stairs. Blayr chased her down to the bike racks, made her give back her iPad (which she was carrying in her purse), and made her promise to bring us all new groceries by tomorrow or she’ll call the police. All the while, this girl is whimpering, on the verge of tears, saying “Sorry, sorry, sorry. Please don’t tell. Sorry, sorry.” Puh-lease. You are a creepy girl who is stealing stuff from our dorm! I’m pretty sure we’re going to the University Police tomorrow whether or not she gives us food (she better). I doubt we’ll ever see her again, but I almost want her to just so she can get caught.

Oh my gosh, I wish I had been there to see the look on this girl’s face. It would have been priceless.

That’s the intense story for the night.

You’re welcome.

  • Okay, that whole story was a bit wild. Seriously, who steals half a yogurt? I mean, peanut butter, sure, but one pop tart? Bizarro.

    Also, your roommate Blayr sounds like a keeper. 🙂